The lady I met part 3

Her eyes looked down as though looking up would cost her beautiful visage.

eyebrows are correctly placed at the entrance of her smile.

hair black as you see is carefully spread around her headquarters of knowledge.

lady I met.look at her succulent lips full of domestic love that any investor would admire.

is as calm as a snail guilty of stealing the old woman’s porridge.

at how she is supporting her heavy piggy cheeks with her seemingly feeble hands.She seems hot though I can’t see the heat near her.

lously suspended shirt says it all.I am not accessing her, just take your look at her and take me to court if you want.


The Sea of love (17/012/020)

The Sea of love (17/012/020)

I feel so wow under your arms,
I feel so magnetic buried in your chest,
I feel electralized when my lips meet your lips,
when my hands are comfortably and safely sleep in yours and when you massage my palms,
I feel my blood busy patrolling in my veins…..

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Brilliant Girls

Never to be challenged by fools
Admired and loved by everyone
Makes friendship with the Wise but not idiots
Appreciated by people around the world
Knows the best way to go
Admires to be the best
Never gives up in every situation
Draws close to what is important in life
Attacks those who attack her
Mindful about those who cannot support and themselves
Attends to those in need of her
Rescues those in danger
Installs good morals in other people
Obedient and hard-working
Naturally beautiful and God fearing.

Namakanda Marion
Resilient High school
The Nabende Writing Family
Education made our Eyes Sprout

The Lioness

you,look at my eyes
I bring you the bright rays
Like those that the sun gives
Why are you so dreaded
As though you are spended
Like an ugly bat,s scared and
And guilty of the shining sun

You, gentleman. Face me
It is you to whom
I bring my love full of fondness
Stretch and be determined
Like the sunflower that faces the sun

You, my black gentleman
I Carry with me a heart and mind
Ready to submit to you
Here I am ready to walk with you
And share with you
My innocent love

You my African violet
It is you amidist the maltitude
That my heart ‘s eyes set
Give me no thing except you
And all in you.
Come with me on this race
That together we may progress

You my little black blessed man
Tell me if I made an offense
“Are you ready?”……….talk to now

Die a little bit
Your silence I really need
Because my words you also need
Come closer my Queen
Here I will be so keen

And come closer again
Open your listening eyes for me
Lay but your arms on mine
I want to see the screen of your eyes
Your eyes overflowing with black love
Shining in the darkness of my world
Wherewith strange strength steal some excursions
Surrounded by your arms in consent
From which my joy I get

You are my black suit
In which my heart is carried
You are my mirror through which my mistakes I correct
You are that pot of the Millet porridge
Withdrawn by two cold leaves from the firestones
Of my grandma’s kitchen

Please come, I am made
To you my gentleman my love I pour
Here I am ready to live together
Together with forever
Be the mother of my children

Nabende Emma chipukiIPUKIZI………..
“education made our eyes sprout”
Email. thenabendewritingfamily@gmail. com





All we are doing is being recorded
Waiting for that time we will be stated
To say everything we did

as we lived
Whether day or night all shall be revealed
And you will not be allowed to say anything
Because it will all do you nothing
Since all you did will bring you to shame
The shame that will direct you to the fireroom
Of course you will cry tears of regret
Because it will not be all you expect
Then you will never see light
For that will be your place of plight
When all your body will burn
Because you listened to your friend Satan

Nabende Emma chipukizi
The Nabende writing family
Education made our eyes sprout
Uganda Christian Universi





As a secretary, write a report to the managing director of your organisation reporting about the general status of the organisation.


“Education made our eyes sprout”

The managing director,

The Nabende writing family.

Dear Sir,

Re:       A report about the general operations of the organisation.

I would like to draw your attention to the following issues in as far as your organisation is concerned.

The current total number of members in our organisation is sixty (60), out of which fifteen were admitted recently.

All members have been punctual in accordance to the rules and regulations of the organisation. There was complete respech among all members right from leaders to members.

  1. Health

The health of all members has been generally good a part from a few members who were affected by the common caught and flu which was promptly addressed.

  1. Participation

All members were active in the activities of the organisation especially sensitising the public out the organisation and its works the speaker actively mobilised his team which effectively carried out their duties.

  1. Meeting attendance.

As per the constitution, the organisation carried out three general meetings and six council committee meetings. Most members attended promptly except Mr. Makomba Ivan and Nanyama Esther who never appeared for any of the above meetings without communication.

  1. Achievements

As a result of sensitization, the organisation was able to register fifteen members using the membership criteria and procedures. About five membership criteria and procedures. About five members were able to submit their pieces of writing to relevant offices and therefore proceeded with editing and proof reading.

  1. Challenges

It has been quite difficult for the police to identify us since we have nothing that can help us be identifiedearly. There was adequate writing materials as a result of admitting more members through we asked them to improvise for the meantime.

  1. General remark

On behalf of the organisation, I propose that organisation T-shirts be provided to ease identification. In addition to supplying this books in order to at least more members .

Thank you sir.












QN2. Your school drama club visited mabygu Drama thearter in massejjesse sub location. The Music Dance and drama (MDD) patron wants a report your trip, as the chairperson of your school drama club, write a report to inform him about whatever happened.

Use all or some of the suggested points below.


  1. Transport
  2. Lunch
  3. Fun
  4. Mountains
  5. Challenges
  6. Lessons learnt
  7. Opinions

Drama club

Exodus Sec Sch

P.O. Box 00

Buluganya (U)


26th July, 2019


The Patron,

Music Dance and Drama.


Dear Sir / Madam,


Re:      A report about our trip to Mabugu Drama Theatre.

I would like to draw your attention to the issues below in as far as our trip was concerned.

  1. Transport

We hired two taxis using the money collected by members of the club and set off on 26th July, 2019 at exactly 10:00am. The total number of members who went for the trip were twenty eight. The trip was successful since we got no accident.

  1. Lunch

In regard to lunch, all members agreed pack their own lunch using the finances that the school provided through your office. Every member was comfortable with the lunch meals the bought.

  1. Fun

The trip was all fun since everyone got an opportunity to see a world beyond their school, members saw different people, made new friends and acted out our drama in Mabongu drama theatre for the first time

  1. Mountains

As you earlier on said during the preparation activities. Mabungu has a beautiful scenery blessed with various mountains and valleys such as idindimwa, Nambakwa but a above all was mount Elgon whose back is the sheld of Mabongu land.

  1. Challenges

We did not register any serious challenges apart from the drizzles of rain clet made us almost sceptical because the road would be affected which would not allow the vehicles to cruzz

  1. Lessons

The whole journey was full of lessons right from the time we reached the threatre. We have been challenged to act more drama in order to compete with others. Members were able to make new friends, acquired ideas as a result of interaction with the people of Mabungu.

  1. Opinion

As the chairperson of the club, on behalf of all members, I suggest that you lovy for us constinues and at last include our activities twice a week in the school time table to enable us compete with other drama clubs beyond our school. May you continue allowing us to travel out for it is a source of lessons and a basis for advertising our school.






Reflective Corner

Learn the way and make your own way



  1. 1.Your headteacher left for an import state meeting with the ministry of education and sports. In this absence the school faced the following challnges
  • Inadequate water supply
  • Unstable electricity
  • Poor feeding
  • Dodging of lessons by teachers
  • Indiscipline among students

Prepare a report for him including your opinion on how the above challenges should be solved.

Question2. Your school organised co-curricular activities and you were given all the responsibility over it for a full week, the major activities included

  • Athletics
  • Patriotism
  • Music dance and dram
  • Football

N.B.  including the challenges you faced as you monitored the activities.

Write a report to the patron in change c-curricular activities using all or some of the above mentioned issues.

Reflective corner

“The sky is your limit keep struggling until you reach the sun.”





Before we make any more stop, we must first understand what a memorandum is. It has been in most case abbreviated or shortened to (memo). Briefly, a memorandum ( Memo) refers to a short note serving as a reminder. It as a written communication to provide a point of reference to something agreed upon earlier on.

A memorandum is a tool for communication within an organisation for example the chairman board of governors may write to the board members for about particular changes in the board or call them for a meeting. It might be from a head teacher to his teachers, a principal to students or a chancellor to lecturers etc.

N.B. Do not confuse a memorandum (memo) with a memoir. The plural for memorandum is memoranda, (memo) is just its short form. A memoir is completely different from what we are talking about in the explanation above. We shall talk about a memoir in the chapters head.



  1. It is straight to the point (precise)
  2. Contrary to letter, it does not have solutions e.g. Dear sir / Madam etc
  3. Does not have a complementary close or the use of ending phrases such as yours faithfully, affectionately etc.
  4. No greetings are required here.
  5. It does not adoptreference for example Re: instead it uses, the subject.


  1. Name of the institution
  2. The title or heading
  3. The position / rank of the writer.
  4. The title or the position of the receiver
  5. The date of writing the message
  6. The subject (reason for writing the memo) this should be underlined before you begin writing the body of your memorandum.
  7. The body. This is where you write your message. Should be brief, clear and straight to the point. Avoid beating around the bush and hit the nail on the head.
  8. Signing off, after writing your message, the writer should sign off.

He/she is required to write the signature and name.

N.B after writing the name of the institution, the words “Internal) memo come under it before you go ahead writing your memorandum.




There are quite a number of reasons why one would probably write a memorandum. Most significantly, some of the illustrations below can serve to claim the above reason.

  1. Momos are used to make inquiries within the same institution, departments or offices
  2. It is a troll tool for formal communication in the place of work or a committee of members.
  3. To instruct employers or colleagues to perform a particular task
  4. It acts as a point of reference in the later time
  5. It saves time, she cannot go announcing from place to place talking about one thing all through.



QN1. As the general editor of the Nabende writing family, write a memorandum to the members informing them about the changes that have occurred in the editing department.

Hint. Use all or some of the points listed below,

  • Editing period has been shifted from Fridays to Saturdays
  • Meetings shall be taking place on Fridays
  • Submission of poems shall be on Monday not Wednesday as it has been.


The Nabende writing family internal memo

From:              The general editor

To:                  all members of the family

Date:               26th July, 2012

Subject:           Changes in the editing department

You are hereby notified that the editing period has been shifted from all Friday to Saturdays due to the resolution that the executive board agreed upon for better administration of the family programmes.

All meetings that used to take place on Wednesdays have been shifted to Fridays to allow easy preparations of the major activities of the organisation.

The date for the submission of poems from the new entrants has been changed from Wednesday to Monday in order to incorporate other programmes effectively.


Afao Tryphena

General Secretary.



QN.2. You are the school information prefect, dealing with reporting or reading news to students on every assembly. Write a memorandum to students informing them that there will be No news due to an abrupt prefects meeting due to take place on the news day.




Internal memo

From:               Information prefect

To:                   All students

Date:                23rd June 2018

Subject:            Abrupt prefects meeting


Dear students you are hereby information that there will be no news reading today the 18th of March 2019 due to the calling of an abrupt prefectional meeting by the patron.

Students affairs. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Madibo Fred Zadoch

Information prefect.



Qn1. I imagine you are ahead teacher of a particular school and the Board of Governors has requested you to make a plan of activities for the school for a full year.

Hint: you may include or some of the activities below in your memorandum.

  • Football
  • Music dance and drama
  • Patriotism
  • Activities to help students during holiday
  • Academic tours / trips
  • Debating competition etc.

Write a memorandum to the committee of board of governors clearly showing how you have planned for your students.


Qn. 2

You are the chairperson LCV of your District and some changes have been made in the annual programme of the District. Write an internal memorandum to responsible committee members notifying them about the changes made.


Hint:     Use all or some of the suggested changes below

The annual general meetings will be taking place on 1st January instead of 10th, November every year.

Auditing shall be taking place after every two months not five months as it has been.

District student scholarship have been extended to all students who pass in division one regardless of the aggregates scored etc.


Reflective corner

Success is too shy, she will never come to you while you are catching her. The only trick of seducing or persuading her is avoiding laziness, post ponding today’s challenges and employing a lot of determination, hard work and hope. It is after this that you will see success for face – face minus regret.





A speech is talk given in public it is a formal spoken message passed over to the listeners (audience) Basing on this precise complete definition of a speech, it has been made clear that, a speech is a specific form of communication  designed for  a specific  group of people. For instance, the burial, parliament, school assembly etc. In this particular situations, the speech delovered  there takes a different course of direction. This is because words spoken in parliament may not be spoken on a funeral, on school assembly or even in the church. This therefore calls for the choice of words (Diction) to prepare a particular message for a specific audience.



N.B. Before we look at the features of a good speech, you must know that a speech is either written or spoken.

Therefore the features / characteristics below cut across the two forms of speech mention above.

  1. A written speech has a title. What the speech is all about.
  2. Both the speakers and speech writers must follow the rules of the language being used.
  3. It must have relationship to the topic or the occasion in which it is being made
  4. It must involve the listeners. Relate to the experience of the listeners.
  5. It should be appropriate in terms of the content and the context. (Message and the situation).
  6. In both speech making and speech writing, the protocol must be observed.
  7. To create an impression, capture the attention of your audience in the first five minutes.
  8. The use of appropriate gestures is allowed to add effect or meening to your speech.
  9. Employ a figurative language such as proverbs, idiom simples etc where necessary
  10. You must understand your audience to avoid misconception.



  1. You must follow the right (correct) pronunciation of words as per their origin and dictionary transcriptions.
  2. Correct articulation of words to make your message clear.
  3. You must observe all rules of grammar e.g. the correct use of tenses, articles, adjectives etc.
  4. Point of emphases must be stressed. You must avoid putting stress on wrong words (words that should not be stressed) because it completely changes the meaning of the words used for example the word project is both a verb and a noun when stressed appropriately where necessary.
  5. Avoid using flat voices. It must undulate rising and falling of the voice must be observed to serve the original meaning of your message.
  6. Avoid repetition of words because for will cause boredom hence a sleeping audience.


Speeches are very vital in our everyday life. These are special aspects of being that cut across the flobe. There are a number of occasions where we make or write speeches.

  1. When you have been invited somewhere as the guest of honor, you may be forced or required to write a short speech to deliver since there is always an opportunity for the guest of honor to speech might be the church, burial community or in a school. The position given to you there will require to at least prepare some speech for the audience and many other places



  1. The most important of all is to pass out a message to the people
  2. To express ones feelings, aims, values, vitues and many others to the audience
  3. Sometimes speeches are made/ written to entertain the audience
  4. Speeches are also used to sensitise people or even educate them on special matters for example recently, the president of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Museveni made a presidential tour to all religious sensitizing people about operation health creation.
  5. Speeches are good sources of inspiration and motivation to other people (audience).


For one to come with a good and effective speech, it is important for him or her to know the parts of a speech. This will help him/her to organise thoughts / ideas in an appropriate order hence effectively passing out the message. Let us consider the parts below and thereafter take a look at the format of a good speech.



The title as one of the most vital part of a speech. It is the one that helps the reader to know what is to be talk about. It is a summary of your message in the speech. Your heading or title therefore should consist of the following items listed below.


  1. The name / position / title delivering the speech e.g. Woniala Moses, chairperson, MP, the president etc.
  2. The situation of the speech. The subject matter or the occasions on which the speech is being made e.g. wedding day, the burial school visitation day etc.
  3. The place where the speech is being made. There is the speech taking place? It could be in the parliament, school’s main hall, the school library, community hall etc.
  4. The date. This very important in as far as speech making / writing is concerned. Here, mention the date, month and year in an appropriate format to help you make reference in the later times.
  5. Lastly, the time after mentioning all the above items in your title, make sure you include the time at which the speech was being delivered, your title must be written in capital letters.
  6. B The above five aspects or items make your title meaningful and complete hence a better understanding of your message.
  7. Let us consider the illustration below.




( b ) introduction

This is the kick-off of the speech. It is the beginning or rather the introduction of your speech. It is worthy nothing that in your introduction, speech specific aspects must be mentioned. This therefore directs you to recognise or observe the people present as you make your speech. The people in attendance. You must identify them starting from the most important to the least important. This will capture their attention to your message. Secondly, under your introduction the speech must introduce his/ herself to let the audience know who he /she is, this because, much as some people might be knowing you, there are those who do not know you completely. This makes it imperative for you to introduce yourself to them.


N.B. In some occasions, speech makers are fond of saying “The protocol observed” these words summarises whatever the speaker is supposed to say in the introduction. It is a generalisation of the audience. Therefore, students are strictly discouraged from using such words when making or writing or speech you must recognised the audience or the guests by mentioning their titles starting from the next important to the least important as illustrated below.

The president, minister of education and sports the District education officer, inspector of schools, the head teacher, deputy head teachers, director of studies, the teaching staff, the prefectional body, the non – teaching staff, ladies and gentlemen ……………………………………….


The guest of honor, minister of education, the district education officer, inspector of schools the head teacher, deputy head teachers, director of studies, the teaching staff, the prefectional body, the non- teaching staff, ladies  and gentlemen…………………………………………



This is the real reason for your speech. It is where the whole of your intended message is underscored. As we said earlier on in this chapter, this is where the speaker arranges his/ her thoughts in a particular order regard its importance Here we mean, the first ideas first and the last ideas last. Order of importance.

Remember to strictly follow your order of thoughts so that you do not go astray. I mean you should not jump from point to point, you are required to be coherent and orderly. This is only achieved when one is confident and sure of what they are doing.

NB: If you want to make an effective speaker, consider the advice about follow that logic and you won’t regret in any occasion whenever you make a speech.



As the word suggests, this is the last part of your speech. This concluding part is the point where you sum up your thoughts in very logical manner your listeners or audience should feel happy and appreciative about what you have told them. Just like children who appreciate their mothers with the word “Thank you” and perhaps kneeling down, their mothers are always happy and glad that they have been appreciated.

As a speaker you will act the part of that child and then your audience will take the part of the mother. Therefore, after speaking all your words or rather passing out  your message successful, That your audience or listeners for sacrificing their time to listen to you for all the period you talked to them. To make this a part intesting and hormoneous , you can apply some figurative language expressions such as proverbs, similes I toms or wise sayings to arouse humour and say inyour audience.


  1. The long awaited day has now come…………………..
  2. I have been asked to speak on behalf of ——————-
  3. We are gathered here today to celebrated————————–
  4. Now it is time to say————————-
  5. I would just like to say a few words———————
  6. Beloved guest of honour, esteemed friends—————–
  7. Since the sun rise from the east, I will begin by ——————
  8. Today is a golden day to have ———————
  9. Firstly, I would like to say ————————–
  10. God / Allah made this day special for us to ——————-

—————————- This list is not exhaustive.


  1. I wish to congratulate you upon——————-
  2. I would like to remind you of ——————
  3. It is a great loss to have——————
  4. Now that they have been married ————————-
  5. This achievement is as a result of——————-
  6. We will all miss our——————–
  7. His death was sudden like lighteing ——————
  8. We shall no longer remain silent…………………..
  9. Iust acknowledge that ………………………
  10. Do not forget the words of our——————–

This list is not exhaustive.


  1. Since all beginnings have ends, I wish to —————–
  2. As it is said that too much of anything is ganderious
  3. Just as the sun rises and sets I want to ————————
  4. May God grant you his—————————–
  5. Live to blow more candles ——————–
  6. Allow me to end by————————–
  7. I remain yours son /daughter who ———————-
  8. I wish to once again appreciate you for ———————-
  9. May this day remind historical to ———————-
  10. Just as Jesus said it is over, I also say——————–

** This list is not exhaustive ***

Dear student / reader we are still pavelling in the lous of speech making or writing by this moment, I know you have grasped a better picture of what a speech means. We shall not alight here, let us now look at samples of speeches below to make our journey complete.




QN.1. The minister of education has visited your school, write a speech you would deliver as the headprefect of your school.

Hint; mention some things that you would want the minister to do for your school. Show him / her some achievements of your school.



Our beloved guest of honour, the district education officer, inspector of schools, the head teacher, deputy head teachers, the director of studies, the teaching staff, student leadership, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon toyou all ( Name) today is a golden day to have hosted the minister of education for this country, honourable Jannet Kataha Museven. We are grateful for this is a clear testimony that our school is on the map of Uganda. Since time has never been our best friend, allow me to talk about a few things in our school

Firstly academically, we are doing well and still struggling to emerge the best  in the whole District. However, our guest of honour, we would even do beyond our expectations but we do not have a modernised science laboratory in our school, at times we  do not have enough apparatus to carryout our practicals. How I wish  you grant us chance to own one better than the one existing.

I would like to confidentily report to you our guest of honor that our school is doing very well in co-curricular activities in this region especially football and atheletics. Recently, our school team led by Mr. Wanzagiro Rogers loon the district football competions and walked back to school with the annual football trophie.

Furthermore, just as the holy book says “ Ask and it shall be given” I kindly request you our guest of honor this afternoon that as you go back to the ministry, try tooth and nail to provide for us some scholastic materials such as textbooks more so students guide books and even including teachers guide books, this is going to as our weapon to show the Uganda National examination board (UNEB) that we are more than conquers in this region of Mbale.

Since everything that has a beginning has an end, I acknowledge the reality that, however much rain visits the earth, the sun that rose in the morning must set.

Thank you so much for listening to me. For God and my country.



  1. 2 You sat for your U.C.E UNEB examinations and emerged the best in the district. The district officials have organised for you a powerful party to appreciate your effort and support your studies write a speech for world deliver on that day.

Hint.     Use all or some of the points below in your speech.


  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Teachers commitment
  • Head teachers support
  • My parents



Firstly, I would like to recognise our golden quest of honor, the honourable member of parliament of this region the district education officer, inspector of schools, my head teacher, deputy head teacher the director of studies, my teachers and everybody at large. Good afternoon to you all ladies and gentlemen. My name is Namataka Judith a student of eden High school. I am greatly gratified today that all of you have gathered here to celebrated my success and excellence in my U.C.E UNEB exam. This magnificiently shows the enormous love that you have for me. As the saying goes “ A child who washes his hands clean has a chance to dine with elders” Today, this afternoon, I acknowledge the reality behind that statement. Since time never reverses its journey, allow me hint on a few things.

Discipline, dear guest of honor, one of the tools that rewarded me with excellence in my national exams is disciplined, you are not only embraced by your teachers but the entire community and as a result you get a chance to benefit from them.

Swallowed the pain to always guide me both academically and spiritual which gave me self-driven hence my success.

Secondly, hard work and determination a very important aspect that defines someone’s success in life. As commonly said that hard work plus determination minus laziness equals to success, this is true of the matter because in all my endeavours, I never entertained lazy friends and laziness itself. I took the initiative to design my table, rules governing my revision and strictly respected all them by doing exactly what my principles demand me to do. As a result of this, my performance started changing as I reached senior three this kept that candle burning hence attaining my success.

Beloved guest of honour, another vital aspect that brings success is teachers. I want to frankly this afternoon report to you that my teachers were my bridge on which I walked to greatness. They sacrificed all their time and families and carried the burden to see that the syllabus is complete in time, they organised revision question and hosted a number of academic seminars for all subjects it was out of all these effort that my fellow colleagues and I were able to prove to UNEB that we are academically awake may God bless my teachers and whoever supported us in our academic struggle.

Furthermore, special thanks and appreciation goes to my head teacher Mr. Lukombii Edward for tirelessly supporting the teachers and students at large. Mr. guest of honor, my head teacher made sure that all scholastic materials such as teachers guide books, students texts an lookbooks were available at school. All requirements of  both the science and Agricultural laboratories were full to capacity to help in the smooth preparation of practical’s for all students. He also fed both teachers and students on good healthy food in addition to prompt salary payment. May God continue bearing good fruits through your hands Mr. Headmaster.

Lastly my beloved guest of honor, the efforts of my parent’s carry great weight in as far as my success is concerned they. They spent sleepless nights looking east  and west inorder to acquire my school fees and other academic requirements such as the uniform, school bag, shoes, mathematical set, ascientific calculator to mention but a few. They never minded dressing immaculately the way other parents do so as to make me triumph beyond the mountains. their countribution towards my studies is never to be ignored in the history of my life. I acknowledge that too much of anything is dangerous. I therefore once again thank you for listening to me and may the same spirit be shared among god and my country







Qn 1

your friend is preparing for his wedding due to take place on 20th November 2020 and you have been chosen to be the guest speaker on his wedding day. Write a speech you would deliver.

Qn 2

imagines you have lost one of your staff members and you have been appointed to be the main speaker on his burial. Write a speech you would deliver on that day.

Qn 3

writes a speech of your own choice on a particular function, it should range from 400-500 words.

NB:      the type of language style used in speech making/writing differs according to the occasion or situation so be careful whenever you are writing a speech

Reflective corner

When you judge a fish on its ability to climb a mountain, it will live the whole of its life saying you are stupid……………………….

“always focus on productive situations in life.”





Some of you must have probably come across the ternt “ Recige” and you might have either acquired its meaning or not. Under this chapter, we gang to discuss it (Recipe) and get to know its relevance in our academics, majorly English paper one.



A recipe is a set of instructions for preparing a mixture of ingredients or something. It is a plan or procedure to obtain a given end result in other words, it is a presiription that is set for someone to follow in order to reach a given result for instance

  • Preparing food
  • Prescription of medicare
  • Reparing a puncture


  1. You must show or state the title of what you are goingto describe.
  2. Mention the steps taken to prepare it.
  3. List the ingredients / items required to prepare it.
  4. Suggest the best environment or condition under which this process require for better end results.



  • Food
  • Mending a pucture
  • Giving direction
  • Baking breador doing nuts
  • And many others.

Let us now consider the sample questions below and get to know how specific things ( dishes/ meals are prepared.



QN.1 clearly describe the process you would cook one of your meal or dish


  • state the type of food chosen
  • What is needed to prepare it
  • Estimate time of cooking it etc.


QN2.Descibe the process you would follow inorder to successfully mend a puncture of your bicyle.


Reflective corner

“Do not ignore what the teachers teach you but do more research to enrich and expand your mind.





We have often heard about the term announcement possibly on TVs, radios, and even read it on magazines, Newspapers and many other incidents what do we mean by the term “ Announcement” Announcement is an act of announcing or forming notice. It is the content that is announced. In other words, announcement refers to proclamation of publication of a particular notice or message to a given group of people or even an individual.



  1. Use the acceptable formal format
  2. Clearly indicate the date
  3. Show the address of the writer or the person announcing and his/her full name
  4. Clearly show the content or the subject matter of the announcement
  5. You must be straight to the point. you don’t need to give unnecessary details
  6. Be specific with what you announce
  7. Show the announcer or the writers or title
  8. Reward for appreciation
  9. State the contacts of the announcer
  10. Use appropriate language and cooring to create the expected mood.



Sample question one————————

Qn. 1 Your son went to graze goats but unfortunately, one of them got lost. Write an announcement to be read on a radio station in your area describing clearly the nature of the great.


Mbata Sub-county

Buteza Village,

  1. O. Box 00

02nd April, 2019


The public

Re:      Announcement

The family of Lugogo James of Mbata sub-county, Buteza village in Sironko district announces the loss of their goat Yesterday at approximately 2:15 Pm around Budadiri well spring as their son was grazing it. The goat is black in colour with some white sports on its head, it has long horns and had a rope around its neck. Whoever has come across it can bring it to Mbata Fm or call 0787050916 or 0750122655 a big reward awaits……………………………..


An importsnt person in your village has died and as the chairperson of your village, you have the responsibility to announce to the concerned people to prepare and attend the funeral ceremony. Write an announcement to your local radio station informating the public about it.


Songa – Mbele Village,

Nakumatt County,

P.O Box 00

Mother queen (K)

12th February 2017


To The general public


Re:       Death Announcement.

The family of the Wampoto Eti announces the death of their member of parliament for Nakumatt County who passed away at approximately 2:30 Pm yesterday in Wastegate main Hospital Kibera. On 11th Februrary 2017. The burial wil take place tomorrow at 3:00Pm on 13thFebruary, 2019 at their home in Songa – Mbele village. Informed are the chairperson local council five (LCV) and his team, the president of the republic of Kenya, all MPS of the Kenyan parliament, in-laws, relatives , friends, neighbours and the general public. Please keep time to avoid bad weather. Announced by chairperson LCI.



  1. 1. I magine your car was stolen by strangers from your home parking yard Yesday, write an announcement in search of your car.

Qn. 2   A new born baby boy is missing in the hospital shortely afterhis birth, write an announcement to the general public in search of the whereabouts of this baby.

N.B Always make sure that the intended message in your announcement is clearly stated to avoid misconception or misunderstanding your message. Most sensitive is the date, what happened what should be done, when is it supposed to be done and what rewards is preserved for whoever complies accordingly.


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“The more you save, the poorer you become and the more you spend, the richer you become. Please do not be sely with knowledge because you might perhaps fail through knowledgeable. Share with your friends through discussions for the purpose of general success.





There is no doubt at least three quarter of you have heard about the term advertisement, on radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and even by those local  marchants such as hawkers and many others. The question then is, do you know how to advertise? What is supposed to be advertised? Who is entitled to advertise, when are you required to advertise? And many other interesting questions enyifed around the term “advertisement so now, before we get town to attempt such questions, let us find out what an advertisement means.



According to marketing, an advertisement is a commercial salutation designed to sell some commodity, service or a product. Now, do not be confused with the terms adopted above. Commercial means doing something for an economic gain especially getting money out of what you have done. On the other hand.

Solicitation comes from the word solicit, meaning to suggest, meaning to suggest, to propose or to make something acceptable. That is supposedly enough about the term advertisement just for now. Our major aim here is to know what is all about advertisement. And answering questions that meet our face and ears about advertisement. Keep on until our academic destination is fully attained.


Generally, advertisements are intended to;

  1. Market a particular goo/ product
  2. Sensitise the public about specific changes, innovation or renovations done in particular organisation
  3. Publish any new institution or organisation that is coming up
  4. Acquire customers for economical purposes
  5. To attract customers to particular products.

** Not exhaustive **

N.B. I have not given you the above list so that you can use it to attempt a uneb question of English paper one. This is intended to help you contract a wider and better picture of what we mean by the term advertisement so please keep awake and focus on our aim.


As you write advertisement there are particular aspects that you must consider in order to come up with a better advertisement. Let us consider these below;

  1. You must be precise and clear
  2. The language used must be friendly and persuasive.
  3. Employ direct address especially by the use of the word, “you”
  4. Hit the nail on the head, stop beating around the bush. ( be direct do not add unnecessary stories)
  5. Consider the type of audience you are addressing and the language best suitable for them.

** The list is not exhaustive **


  1. 1. Write an advertisement that is coming up soon appealing to the public to bring their children to study therein.




No more illiteracy in our generation. Exodus high school is opened for all your academic problems. We have professional and parental teachers who know what it takes for your child to succeed. We have enough classes, computer science laboratories and a library for research and revision.

We are located at samezi junior school near samazi central police station. Our school fees and other school requirements are pocket friendly. Please come and book space for your child for more information contact the head teacher on 0781050916 or 078122685. You can also talk to our director on 0788114017

You are welcome.

Come one come all




QN1. Write an advertisement for a pretty book that is soon to be published convicing the customers to buy it.

Hint: Include

  • the title
  • Price
  • Contact
  • Subject matter


Qn. 2 You are planning to open up a restaurant in your village, write an advertisement you would give to the public convicing the public that your restaurant will be different from the existing ones.

Hint:     Include

  • Location
  • The name
  • Contacts
  • Time of operation etc.


Reflective corner


If others can pass, why not me?

We have the same ears, eyes, hands and created by the same God, work hard, for God shall add unto you and you will conquer the Goliath a head of you.






We always talk about a will for instance, God’s will, my father’s will, I am not willing etc. What exactly is will in our formal word? This is the chance to know what we mean by a will in our academic umbrella.



A will means to “Wish” or desire that something happens. In other words, to express an intension for a future use, what somebody wants to happen in a later future, majorly in their absence we can now see that a will seems to be an intention for the future for example;

  • It is my will that when I die, my body must be buried in my home village.
  • If I die, my children should take care of my property etc.



Before we get to know why we write a will, remember that a will is a document written by someone either by him /herself or guided by  a chosen personnel to show of give details of one’s wealth, assets and shares to be inherited in case he/she dies.

  • Generally a will is written to show the right person to inherit one’s property.
  • To show how one’s property or wealth is to be distributed among members of the family.
  • To provide security to whoever is supposed to partake of the property of their parents relatives, friends and children.
  • A will is written by a woman or man who is perhaps sick or aged and feels his/ her property should be distributed in a particular way………………



  1. It should be written to write no disnute it must have a destination ( the intended people to whom the will is written)
  2. There must be a witness(s)
  3. A person entrusted to keep / protect the will until time for its use
  4. There must be a will maker
  5. It must reflect what is to be distributed or shared
  6. It must use formal language
  7. Must have the date
  8. It must be straight forward.



  1. Imagine you are aged and wish to distribute your property to your family meners, write a will to show how you would do it.


Imuvimbii Village,

Samazi county,

P.O. box 003,

Pondo (U).

11th June, 2019

To my family members,

Re:       Distribution of my property

I Mudote Nyannyong of the above address, very sober and understanding have written to distribute my property, assets, shares and wealth among my family members as follows.

  1. My farm of Poultry for my beloved wife Nyambura Njuguna.
  2. My vehicles for the whole family
  3. My land in Bungoma to the whole family. I have written this will today 11th June 2019 at 11:00am out of my best knowledge and understanding without being forced by anybody and therefore personally recommend it valid and acceptable.


Written by

Mudote Nyannyongo

Witnessed by


  1. ………………………………….
  2. …………………………………..



Mental virginity

I gape these out of courage,

Pregnant with volcanic rage,

Whose fangs are sharp like a rake,

Taunted like a string that may break.

I am tired of your sounding skull


I am not the principal of this institute,

That perhaps you would spring,

To mutter words at me,

As though I increased tuition on you alone.

I am just a poet

Who is tired of your baby brain.


I am not Amos Tutuola-William Shakespeare-

Not Wole Soyinka or Charles Dickens-

I am not William Wordsworth-not Bandura.

My dear ……I am not Jonathan Kariara-

Not Okot’p Bitek or Jonathan Swift-

So that your young brain should stage

To make invaluable-insensitive and useless

Criticism……only to afford your smile

As you keep undressing your stupidity

In front of seeming friends,

On an open ground like a knowledge defaulter.

I am just a poet,

Who is tired of your mental virginity.


I am not beautiful…..not handsome,

Not anything meaningful to you, not enviable,

Not golden as you are,

I am not worth your type or expectations,

I am not all you would wish to call me.

I am just a poet,

Who is tired of grazing on your mental nakedness


I am not only stupid as you take,

This is another bit of me.

I am also foolish-empty-minded-hopeless,

Never compared to a fool.

Keep tickling me,

And I will keep you watching my madness,

I am glad being a simple subject,

For a premature instructor,

To make your listeners like your intelligence.

I am just a poet,

Who is tired of your inability to mature


I am not a disinfectant of your,


I am I am not your confidant,

To whom you must bring your stale gossip,

And indolence from a mind of commitment,

To personal interest but only poking your dirty nose

In linen not meant for you,

After swinging your abdomen…..that is a bit better,

You do these after waggling your sewerage,

And foolishly mindless of shame-listening walls,

And the walking wind,

And perhaps the sun and the moon

Whose eye is ever seeing your nakedness.

I deserve not but your footing.

For I am just a poet,

Who is tired of your mental virginity


Emma Nabende .L. Chipukizi


(Adopted from Tears Across A Lonely Heart 1st edition 2019)





(Lukombii and the crew)

ALIMBAZI……………………………………………Disguised lukombii

BONJA………………………………………………..Stream mate to lukombii

KABALI……………………………………………..Stream mate to lukombii

COSTAT…………………………………………..Stream mate to lukombii

ZADOK……………………………………………….Brother to Lukombii

KISS…………………………………………………….friend of lukombii in s.4

ROBENKUCHI…………………………………….FRIEND IN S.3

QUICKMAN…………………………………………………FRIEND IN S.3

DIDMASS……………………………………………..friend in senior five

SANDRA……………………………………………… mate



BENICE…………………………………………………friend and love to Robenkuchi



EUNICE………………………….stream mate while in senior four

SUZI………………………………Friend as she joins senior five

MAMA PRETTY………………closest friend in senior five




BLASTER………………………………………………..All Anger’s Friend And In Love With Vivian

ALL ANGER……………………………………………… love with VIVIAN

PEACEMARK………………………………………………………Secrete fiancée to VIVIAN

MINDLESS………………………………………………………Vivian’s other fiancée


SHIRO…………………………………………………………Love seeker


LUKOMBII…………………………………………….Vivian’s Fiancée

VIVIAN…………………………………………………….Lukombii’sNEW LOVE

  1. KISSA…………………………………………………..Teacher of English and literature

KATENGE…………………………………………………The school cook

  1. ROBBY……………………………………………….The patron student’s affairs



PLACE………………………………………………………CHORWA DISTRICT

SETTING…………………………………………………….CHORWA HIGH SCOOL







A young man in his twenties

Disappointed with love experiences

Meets a young lady in his new school

And consequently falls in love

Great forces on the sides,

Both positive and negative bury him

In confusion and great responsibility

Hailed and loved by many in

His distress and tests of life, he is

Almost withdrawn by ailments

And sicknesses for a natural death

From existence.

His education career disabled by

Epidemics and consequently

Killed to surprise in his revelation,

The fact that all he considered

Love was, but a game like relationship

Where four other men pursuing

The same lady for a fire called love

Are ignorant of each other’s involvement,

Discover themselves………………………..



Proud Ugandan

I am proud to be a Ugandan.

One and half acres of land in dry plains of kadam,

Our family land was given to “foreign investors”.

Today, I am just a labourer

On farms owned by Israelites,

But I am proud to be a Ugandan.


My trousers are pure tatters,

Look at my mother,

See what the years of freedom in poverty

Have done to her;

Poverty has dag trenches on her face,

Her heels are now so many cracks,

Her breasts have fallen,

They have nowhere to hold.

Now she looks like an old basket

That has lost shape.

But she is a proud Ugandan.


Simiyu Michael a.k.a mike sonko



“Education made our eyes sprout”










My butterfly

Oh sweet heavens!

Is it the wrong Path or my blindness?

I can’t believe my eyes.

I chose the right path but,

Here I am in a desert,

So lonely like a beggar’s dog,

Like a deserted tree,

My bliss have weathered,

For my river of happiness

Has turned to bitterness.

Where will I turn to?


Is this the bitter-truth of life?

Is this what is meant by passion?

Full of heart breaks and disappointments,

Where will I turn to?

My Butterfly loves when it hurts,

It’s now a wasp,

It stings me with love,

It is now the modem judus.

Oh! My Butterfly,

The modern hare; cunning like a fox.

Where will I turn to?.


Simiyu Michael a.k.a mike sonko



“Education made our eyes sprout”







Wait For the God of Salvation


Woe is me! For I have become,

“As when the summer fruit has been gathered,

As when the grapes have been gleaned”

There is no cluster to eat,

No first- ripe fig that my soul desires,

They are all bitter-sweet.


The Godly has perished from the earth,

But all mankind is righteous.


They lie in wait of blood,

Each hunts the other with any,

Their hands are on what is evil.

To do it well:

Their tongues are thorns,

They prick us with love and steadfast,

They preach and scorn us with love

And brotherhood,

But all are holy.


The holies sing with drunkards,

They search for popularity in pubs,

They veil and nail their hair like women

They dance like demons escaping from fire,

The feminine walk breast-open,

They are the modern sisters

Who claim to be the “novice” of life?

Their thighs are now a market,

For buying and selling love

But all are holy.


The “men of God” have brought wonders.

They ask for a bribe so as they

But give us a special prayer,

A special blessing,

Jesus said, “pray and believe by faith”.

What do special prayers have?

How is it special?

What makes it special?

I will wait for the God of my salvation.

Simiyu Michael a.k.a mike sonko



“Education made our eyes sprout”

My Hero

Oh my dear hero!

You have made me a hero from zero,

You laid your life for my salvation,

What can I give you in return?

Your precious splendid has brought me a mile

Your love and steadfast has given me a smile,

For it is the water of life.

The Majesty in your sanctuary is a knife

That moulds my soul.

You have brought me to light

For I am above the golden height,

I shall always glorify and exalt your name

For you are but the power of salvation.



Simiyu Michael a.k.a mike sonko



“Education made our eyes sprout”














Education made our eyes sprout




SINCE 2012



(Lukombii and the crew)

ALIMBAZI……………………………………………Disguised lukombii

BONJA………………………………………………..Stream mate to lukombii

KABALI……………………………………………..Stream mate to lukombii

COSTAT…………………………………………..Stream mate to lukombii

ZADOK……………………………………………….Brother to Lukombii

KISS…………………………………………………….friend of lukombii in s.4

ROBENKUCHI…………………………………….FRIEND IN S.3

QUICKMAN…………………………………………………FRIEND IN S.3

DIDMASS……………………………………………..friend in senior five

SANDRA……………………………………………… mate



BENICE…………………………………………………friend and love to Robenkuchi



EUNICE………………………….stream mate while in senior four

SUZI………………………………Friend as she joins senior five

MAMA PRETTY………………closest friend in senior five




BLASTER………………………………………………..All Anger’s Friend And In Love With Vivian

ALL ANGER……………………………………………… love with VIVIAN

PEACEMARK………………………………………………………Secrete fiancée to VIVIAN

MINDLESS………………………………………………………Vivian’s other fiancée


SHIRO…………………………………………………………Love seeker


LUKOMBII…………………………………………….Vivian’s Fiancée

VIVIAN…………………………………………………….Lukombii’s NEW LOVE

  1. KISSA…………………………………………………..Teacher of English and literature

KATENGE…………………………………………………The school cook

  1. ROBBY……………………………………………….The patron student’s affairs



PLACE………………………………………………………CHORWA DISTRICT

SETTING…………………………………………………….CHORWA HIGH SCOOL







A young man in his twenties

Disappointed with love experiences

Meets a young lady in his new school

And consequently falls in love

Great forces on the sides,

Both positive and negative bury him

In confusion and great responsibility

Hailed and loved by many in

His distress and tests of life, he is

Almost withdrawn by ailments

And sicknesses for a natural death

From existence.

His education career disabled by

Epidemics and consequently

Killed to surprise in his revelation,

The fact that all he considered

Love was, but a game like relationship

Where four other men pursuing

The same lady for a fire called love

Are ignorant of each other’s involvement,

Discover themselves………………………..






“Education Made Our Eyes Sprout”

YOU TUBE CHANNEL: TheNabendeWritingfamily


FACEBOOK: TheNabende Writing Family











13TH 12 2018







The Nabende Writing Familywas established in 2012 by Nabende Emmanuel Leonard Chipukizi to identify, nurture and utilizestalents among literature scholars. These included talents such as acting out drama, writing poetry and other stories, public speaking, patriotism, debating among others. Its basic fundamental goal is to inspire people all over the world to realize how great they are to themselves and to the world at large In order to leave an everlasting impact in their generation and generations to come. Currently

, a number of people have been inspired by The Nabende Writing Family.





Nabende Emmanuel Leonard Chipukizi was born on 26th July 1994 in Masejjesevillage, Mabugu Parish, and Buluganya Sub-County BulambuliDistrict. He is the third child of Mr. Wodonya Michael and Nabutono Anne .After his primary studies, he went to Amanang,Kapchorwa and St Josephs’ high school for his secondary studies up to 2013.He taught masaksa parents primary school during his vacation and also served as a bursar at parental care children’s school for about five months.Nabende Emma is an intrinsically motivated poet, novelist and playwright who has willing fully partitioned his time to meet both his writing career and other struggles of life. He is a simple, approacheable and principled man who is ready to associate with any positive self informedwind.He is a teacher of English and literature at Resilient High School Bugema.Nabende is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Uganda Christian University specializing in English language and literature. Some of his underway works include;

  1. The power of togetherness (novel) 2014
  2. Withdrawn from the grave (novel)2017
  3. A tale within (novel)2017
  4. Behind the doors (play)2014
  5. Game of strangers (play)2017
  6. Stolen pride (play)2018
  7. Melodies of silence (play)2018[co- authored with Sharon mugide]








Article 1 section 1(NAME OF THE ORGANISATION). 6


Article 2 section 1(PURPOSE OF THE ORGANISATION). 7

Section 2 of article 2 (PURPOSE OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD). 7

Article 3 section 1(MEMBERSHIP). 8

Section 2 of Article 3 (Requirements For The Membership). 8


Section 4 Privileges. 9

Section 5 of Article 3(Responsibilities). 9

Section 6 of article 3(Restrictions). 10


Section 2 of Article 4 (Policy Decisions). 11

Section 3 of Article 4(procedures and Participation). 11

Article 5 Section 1(Nomination and Eligibility for an Office). 11

Section 2 of Article 5(Duties of the Officers Herein Above). 12

Section 3 of Article 5(Requirements and Eligibility). 13

Section 4 of Article5 (Term of Office). 13

Section 5 of Article 5(Restrictions). 14

Article 6 Section1 (Organizational Elections). 14

Section 2 of Article 6(Impeachment of the Board Members). 15

Section 4 of Article 6 (Mid-Term Elections). 15

Article 7 Section 1 (Resources, Sources and Uses). 16

Section 2 of Article 7 (Participation and Commitment). 16

Article 8 section 1(liquidation profit). 16

Section 2 of article 8 (procedure of distribution). 17

Article 9 Section 1 (Dissolution). 17

Article 10 section 1 (oath of allegiance and swearing). 17








Members of The Nabende Writing Family in order to promote and encourage interest in writing. Do ordain and establish this constitution for the governance and sustainability of the organization.


Article 1 section 1(NAME OF THE ORGANISATION)

The name of the organization shall be called “The Nabende Writing Family”hereafter called the family of writers and adopt TNWF as its acronym that shall always be represented an ant piece(s) of writing that will thereafter be published.



Members of this organization as listed below


Shall make up the executive board of council committee hereafter refered to as the rulling board


The purpose of this organisation will be to;


  1. Create and promote interest in writing.
  2. Promote awareness in the society.
  • Identify and nurse talents especially writing, acting out drama, recitation of poetry among others
  1. Promote unity and cooperation through social activities.
  2. Encourage people to embrace good cultural values that shape character and personality
  3. Encourage practicality and self awareness.
  • Promote dependability through establishing income generating projects
  • Provide guidance and counseling to students through organizing seminars and workshops in schools.
  1. Promote and encourage spiritual growth through inspirational writings workshops and seminars.
  2. Encourage the youths to embrace their education for life impacts.


Section 2 of article 2 (PURPOSE OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD)

The executive board of this organsiation shall herein therefore perform the following roles;

  1. To create and promote interest in writing
  2. To encourage more people to join the organisation
  • To create and promote awareness by sensitizing people about the organisation
  1. To edit, proofread and verify written pieces of the new entrants to the organization
  2. To interview new members using the general criteria and forward the forms to the proprietor for approval
  3. To create by-laws for the organisation
  • To ensure the safety and protection of the organisation property
  • To account for all activities of the organisation
  1. To inform the members of any new information that comes up in the organisation.
  2. To report any cases, threats and problems or challenges beyond their handling
  3. To ensure cooperation, unity, peace and conducive environment for the writing, editing and proofreading process.

Article 3 section 1(MEMBERSHIP)

Apart from literature scholars, the organisation has an open chance to at least three thirds of any interested member to join the organisation. And to take up an active role in all activities herein organized by the organisation. This will be done by strictly exposing the member to the rules and regulations of this organisation, which he or she MUST carefully read, understand and make an oath in full submission to all the demands of the organisation.


Section 2 of Article 3 (Requirements For The Membership)

The requirements for membership are herein stated as below,


  1. Membership fee of five thousand shillings only which will cater partially for your certificate of merit at the end of the contract.
  2. Must be fluent in the English language command
  • Must present at least five pieces of writing from personal experience
  1. Must have an email address
  2. Must be ready to cooperate with al members herein the organisation regardless of ant social background
  3. Must swear an oath of allegiance to the contents of this constitution.
  • Must be ready to obey,preserce and protect the values and aspirations of this organisation herein stipulated in the organizational constitution
  • Must be ready to create and write any piece in accordance to the department they belong


The privileges and responsibilities of membership in accordance to the members granted membership herein above shall be as stated in section 4 and 5 of article 3 herein below


Section 4 Privileges

  1. In case of any allowance(s),all members shall share equally among themselves
  2. Theorganisation shall provide the writing materials such as pens and sheets of papers for those making drafts of their work.
  3. All members have the right to participate actively in all activities of the organisation

Section 5 of Article 3(Responsibilities)

Members granted chance herein as stated above will thereafter take up the following responsibilities in the organisation;

  1. You shall actively participate in the editing and proofreading process of the written pieces in accordance to the department you belong
  2. You are required to start off your personal writing career in accordance to the aims and objectives of this organisation
  3. You must implement and obey all the rules, values and doctrines of this organisation.
  4. You shall be required to advertise the organisation through showcasing the pieces written by members herein the organisation.
  5. You shall ensure protection and safety of the organizational property.
  6. You shall comply and adhere to the decisions made by the executive board members.
  7. You shall commit yourself to an oath to respect and protect the contents of the organizational constitution and thereby promote its demands

Section 6 of article 3(Restrictions)

Therules, values and doctrines of this organisation hereby strongly restrict its members from involving themselves in acts/vices such as ;

  1. Disclosing the secretes of the organisation to non-members
  2. Gossip and rumor amongst its members
  3. Discrimination of any form or segregation of any member(s) regardless of age, race,colour,sexualorientation, genderidentity,socio-economic status, national origin and or educational level.
  4. Speaking and acting in a way that is against the aims and objectives of this organisation herein stipulated in the constitution
  5. Acting as a puppet and or spy against the values and aims of the organisation.



The executive board has the mandate to dismiss any member(s) who is found a victim in the vices herein stipulated above in section 6 of article 3.This shall strictly be done after being issued with three warning letters by the proprietor under the guidance of the chairperson executive board.






  1. The executive board shall hold at least three meetings everymonth that shall be called by the proprietor.
  2. The organisation shall carry out at least two general meetings after every one and half months as organized by the chairperson executive board
  3. Emergent meetings shall be called upon immediatelyin case of any urgent or abrupt pop-up of vital information (situation) after some few minutes or hours of sensitization by the executive board.

Section 2 of Article 4 (Policy Decisions)

Policy decisions shall be made by the executive board by calling for a special meeting for all members in accordance to the new policy that the organisation demands to create.

Section 3 of Article 4(procedures and Participation)

  1. A majority of those participating shall constitute an affirmative vote of the executive board .each member shall be entitled to one vote and the majority of the board at any meeting wherein urgency comes up.
  2. Policy rules and regulations shall strictly be followed and observed during sessions as such stipulated herein above.

Article 5 Section 1(Nomination and Eligibility for an Office)

The organisation shall have the following members to govern and  implement the values and beliefs of the organisation.

  1. Chairperson
  2. Speaker
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Publicity officer
  6. Editor
  7. General coordinator
  8. Defense officer
  9. Chief adviser
  10. Sales person

Who shall be helped or assisted by their deputies to undertake their duties where need be.


Section 2 of Article 5(Duties of the Officers Herein Above)

The duties of the officers herein stipulated above shall be as stated below;


  1. To create and promote interest in writing.
  2. To organize meetings of the organisation
  3. To coordinate and supervise activities of the organisation
  4. To mobilize, protect and account for the finances of the organisation
  5. To defend the values and rules of the organisation
  6. To provide sufficient, constructive and instructive advise to relevant departments herein the organisation
  7. To document and preserve a record of all transactions, meetings, agreements or contracts of the organisation.
  8. To sensitize and advertise the organisation by showcasing the products and its activities through visiting schools, churches and other important places that gather humanity
  9. To promote awareness through the internet about the organisation
  10. To ensure protection and safety of the organisation property
  11. To report issues beyond their handling to relevant offices that is to say to the proprietor for the final decision
  12. To provide and ensure ac conducive environment for reading and the writing process
  13. To edit and proofread the pieces written by the members of the organisation using the general criteria that serves the purpose
  14. To interview new entrants before absorbing them into the organization


Section 3 of Article 5(Requirements and Eligibility)


For one to qualify to hold positions stated herein above in section 3 of article 5,the following  shall be observed as stated as herein below,


  1. One must have written a maximum of fifteen pieces with well developed themes on issues facing or happening in the contemporary society
  2. Must show readiness to cooperate with all members of the organization
  3. Must display any experience in any field of leadership
  4. should have contact numbers and emails or websites
  5. Must display the four communication skillseffectively, that is to say, reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  6. Must swear an oath of allegiance to protect ,respect and implement the contents of the constitution

Section 4 of Article5 (Term of Office)

The length for the term of office for the offices or positions nominated and elected herein stipulated above in section 1 of article 5 for the transactions of the organization are as stated herein below,


  1. Chairperson………………………..2years
  2. Speaker………………………..2years
  3. Secretary………………………..2years
  4. Treasurer………………………..2years
  5. Publicity officer………………………..2years
  6. Editor………………………..2years
  7. General coordinator………………………..2years
  8. Defense officer………………………..2years
  9. Chief adviser………………………..2years
  10. Sales person………………………..2years


Section 5 of Article 5(Restrictions)

  1. No member shall be allowed to hold two positions in this organization in accordance to the ethical values and principles that govern the aspirations and aims of this organization unless or otherwise stated their in after by the executive board members by the guidance of the proprietor.
  2. No member is allowed to take action or decisions without consulting relevant offices
  3. All members must observe the spirit of equality
  4. Members who miss executive meetings beyond three times without genuinity will receive a warning letter ,a fine of two thousand shillings and a definite suspension if all the mentioned have not been adhered to
  5. No member has the mandate to break any or all rules and laws that govern this organization.

Article 6 Section1 (Organizational Elections)

Organizational elections must take place at least once per year. Elections shall herein therefore

Take place by the guidance of the following rules


  1. All members shall be sensitized of the electoral positions for them to contest.
  2. Interested members (contestants) shall write and submit their application to the general secretary in the organization
  3. The organization shall prepare a vetting session where the interested members shall be vetted or interviewed in accordance to the positions they are interested in
  4. The chairperson shall then provide a document with shortlisted members after the vetting session and thereafter the date upon which elections shall be carried out will be discussed and agreed upon by theexecutive board members
  5. Al members shall participate in the election process and only those who succeed shall be considered for the positions therein stipulated
  6. The chairperson will thereafter announce the winners of the elections on the same date of elections unless or otherwise unavoidablecircumstances present themselves thereon
  7. The handover shall be organized by the chairperson in accordance to the decisions of the chairperson executive board for the transmission of power from the members to the elect.


Section 2 of Article 6(Impeachment of the Board Members)

Members of the executive board may be impeached or removed from office on the following grounds,

  1. Failure to fulfill the demands of the organization through misusing their offices
  2. Any board member found and proved guilty of spying and disclosing the secretes of the organization shall be dismissed from office if he or she does not comply to three warning letters issued by the chairperson executive board
  3. Board members who shall absent themselves in three consecutive meetings without genuinely stated and backed up apologies shall not be allowed to resume their positions in office
  4. Members who shall intentionally break the rules and values of this organization with or without grounds shall not be allowed to continue with the organization.
  5. Any member, who shall wish to leave or resign from office or entirely exclude themselves from the membership of the organization, shall be given a document of affirmation which he or she must read and understand before signing against to grant their demands.

Section 4 of Article 6 (Mid-Term Elections)

  1. In the event of mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, the organization shall thereafter call for re-election organized by the executive board members for the replacement of the vacant positions
  2. All procedures for the general elections of the organizational leadership shall be strictly followed and applied in accordance to the electoral positions undertaken.


Article 7 Section 1 (Resources, Sources and Uses)

  1. All members of the organization shall be generators of their own resources both financial and non-financial to facilitate the transactions therein.
  2. Members of the organization shall fund and facilitate the activities and events herein in accordance to their ability and might at will
  • The executive board under the chairperson shall organize fundraising sessions at least once every month to collect any forms of support to sustain the organization
  1. All members shall protect and take upon the responsibility for the safety of their resources and report any misuse to the board members
  2. All members shall contribute at least three two thousand shillings at every meeting for the welfare of meetings that shall be taking place in the organization

Section 2 of Article 7 (Participation and Commitment)

The transaction stated herein above shall be organized by the chairperson and all members shall participate for its success.


Article 8 section 1(liquidation profit)

If profits are generated during the liquidation process, all members are entitled an equal portion on merit during distribution in accordance to their commitment and services rendered.


Section 2 of article 8 (procedure of distribution)

The chairperson board shall provide a document on which members shall register their names and sign against them after receiving their portion of the profit distributed


Article 9 Section 1 (Dissolution)

  1. The proprietor holds the right to dissolve the organization in accordance to clear decisions and reason.
  2. The proprietor has the power to appoint and dismiss any member(s) after carefullyconsultation from all members of the organization
  3. The proprietor has the mandate to appoint organizational adviser(s),personal and general secretary and the chairperson of the executive board council committee
  4. The proprietor to rank officers n merit in the organization
  5. The proprietor has the power to take last decisions for the organization after clear consultation from the members

Article 10 section 1 (oath of allegiance and swearing)

Any member (s) who is granted membership to the organization must read and understand the contents of this constitution before swearing an oath of allegiance in his or her normal state of being. There after the member shall be provided with a form to fill and sign in as a complete submission to governing rules of the organisation.




………………………                                                             …………………..


MUGIDE SHARON                                                              NABENDE  EMMANUEL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  GENERAL SECRETARY                                                  PROPRIETOR                                                                          









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Mamakwa company limited Mbale
Nabende Emmanuel Leonard Chipukizi was born on 26th July 1994 in Masejjese village, Mabugu Parish, and Buluganya Sub-County Bulambuli District. He is the third child of Mr. Wodonya Michael and Nabutono Anne . He is a brother to Nadunga Scovia,Wanyenze Justine ,Madibo Fred,Wonoto Benard and Namasoko Robert as their last born.

After his primary studies, he went to Amanang,Kapchorwa and St Josephs’ high school for his secondary studies (“O” and “A” Level)up to 2016.He taught masaksa parents primary school and also served as a bursar at parental care children’s school.Nabende Emma is an intrinsically motivated poet, novelist and playwright, whose writing career was realized way back during his primary studies. His teachers always hailed him for being a good reader, good at reading stories aloud and narrating to others in class without fear.

It was after some few years that he realized the need to draw more attention to active writing. In 2012 while in senior three, he wrote one of his first longest poems entitled “The village girl” in which he describes the life of a young girl who misuses her body due to adolescence and finally dies of HIV/AIDS. That became one of his stored poems; it is this same poem that established him as a poet when a number of his fellow students including teachers begun reading it.Nabende Emma has willing fully partitioned his time to meet both his writing career and other struggles of life; By the time he was completing his advanced level studies, he had established his writing association which he named, “The Journal Club” while he was still at school. However as he left school for his vacation, he changed its name to “NABENDE WRITING FAMILY” which survives to date. His motto is, “Education made our eyes sprout” with a mission stating that, “Writing for our Generation and Generations to come”.

His organisation now has a big number of people under a leadership council guided by a constitution written by himself to govern his writing activities and the wellbeing of his members. He has inspired and trained most of them to write and act out drama and many other things as stated in the objectives of his organizational constitution. He is a simple, approachable, principled and God fearing man, who is ready to associate with any positive self informed wind. He is a teacher of English and literature at Resilient High School Bugema Mbale.Nabende is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Uganda Christian University specializing in English language and literature. Below are the major activities under his organisation.

Nabende Emma Leonard CHIPUKIZI
Nabaya Joshua
Simiyu Michael
Mugide Sharon
Wolukawu Albert
Amiemo Juliet
Nambuba Gift
Opio John Patrick
Kabali fred Hassan
Afayo Tryphena
Mbabazi Notrine
Matumbai Hussein kissinja


Recitation of poetry
Acting out drama
Community mobilization and sensitization
Public speaking
Publication of articles

These below are some of the under way literary works of THE NABENDE WRITING FAMILY.

The Power Of Togetherness
Withdrawn from The Grave
A Tale Within

Behind the Doors
Game of Strangers
Stolen Pride
Melodies of Silence
Indignant Trials


Tears across a Lonely Heart
Apologies to God
Borrowed Beauty
The power of words

Catching the Examiner’s mind
Passing English language paper two

The Barren Wedding
Borrowed Beauty
The Enemy of self

Betrayal In The Heart
The Grave of Love
The Barren wedding

Lessons From my uncle
My mother is the Best
Daddy’s Gavel


Three Roads to one Destiny
Back to the Drawing Board
Religious Politics
Walking Back Home

Contact lines

The Nabende writing family
The Nabende writing family
You tube channel
The Nabende writing family

Firstly, enormous glory goes back to the almighty God for the gift of life and the talent of writing. I secondly extend my sincere appreciation to my mentors who also double as my literature teachers Mr. Kissa Emmanuel the director of Kween Modern High School and Mr. Elisha Kibet head of literature department Amanang secondary school. My lecturers Mr. Barasa Samuel, Amongin Christin Ruth, Mrs Baygaya Victoria , Mrs. Nabiryo Betty, Mrs Sarah Musingo and Dr Okurut Christine (PhD),for their encouragement, motivation and editing my poems. I will not forget to mention some of my course mates for reading through my poems and encouraging me to keep writing, most notably, Kabali Fred Hassan, Gimono Alice,Simiyu Micheal, Nabwire Christine, Chelangat Sellina, Lunyolo Esther, Aguti Catherin, Enou John Robert, Chelangat Kemisa, Mugide Sharon, Chelangat Nelly, Mungolo Faridah, Mutonyi Jackline. Nabukwasi Prossy, Namataka Joyce Annah, Atalo Mageret, Chelangat Emmanuel without forgetting my uncle Mr. Moses Woniala and his wife Mrs Annet Woniala who gave ample time to write under a conducive environment. May the almighty God bless you forever.

This collection of my poems is dedicated to my uncle Mr. Woniala Moses and his family. My parents, my dearest Mugide Sharon,Notrine mbabazi, all my course mates of English literature, all members of the NABENDE WRITING FAMILY and whoever loves poetry.


“If you are planning to marry Emma, don’t be surprised you will be his second wife because he already married poetry”
Naibei Benice

“Emma is professionally upright in the mind”
Aguti Catherine

“When you argue with Emma, you walk back home with ideas
Mutonyi Jackline

My son is a literature scientist; he has turned my home in to a writing laboratory”
Mrs. Annet Woniala

“Upon reading Claws of love, she said, “Emma writes classic poems”
Afayo Tryphena

“Be careful when you are conversing with Emma, you may find yourself in his poetry in the following day”
Chelangat Nelly

“I want Emma to write for me my story”
Chelangat Kemisa
“The Bagisu say, “Blessings come through a friend”, Emma has made me a poet”
Simiyu Michael a.k.a Mike Sonko

“Emma is my role model”
Joshua Nabaya Nangoli

“My friend is professor in disguise, he does not use words by mistake”
Kabali Fred Hassan livings tone international university

“Emma’s poetry stole my attention”
Gimono Alice

“I am an electronic technician, but I have time for Emma’s writings”
Kissinja matumbai Hussein Kenya

“A butterfly sudde3nly ,unexpectedly fell on my wrist as I was seated with Emma, he asked me, “can you say something useful about this butterfly?”, I really found no words to say bit the moment he finished describing the butterfly, I was challenged and vowed to become a poet what come may”.
Wolukawu Albert

Upon perusing through, “The Grave of love”, Emma, “Where do you get time to write?” Emma you make my mentor.
Marriam Namono

“I have spent a couple of time with Emma, so I am sure when I say Emma was born a writer regardless of the reality that writers are also made, Emma uses the words you know to make you think they are strange, I get a lot of joy in his choice of words and the way he exports his messages to the world”
Notrine Mbabazi Islamic university in Uganda

“Emma your work is not just poetry but a rich source of educative matter to me and I think to whoever will come across your poetry”…you were born a poet, I mean to say.
Nabwire Christine

If you think 1
You embezzled my heart 3
Modern daughters 6
Second plea 8
Still more plea 11
Before the wedding throne 15
Is it a pseudonym or love? 21
Song Full Of Black Love 22
Bowl of my Joy 40
But only my heart 42
Common Friends 45
I found you again 51
Thirsty Heart 61
My breathe 81
The Sadist 88
The departure 90
The Bond 91
My African violet 93
Silent love 96
A Wave of Success 98
Mine Mother Even Father Are the Best 100
SONNET 1 105
Registers 105
SONNET 2 107
The pen that sells God’s name 107
SONNET 3 108
That woman inspired me 108
SONNET 5 111
Our Enemy Death 111
SONNET 6 112
Game of strangers 112
SONNET 7 113
Walking Back Home 113
Back to Mabungu 114
The Marginalized 117
Game of death 120
Emotions in tranquillity 122

From the ground, we all shoot,
And to the sky,
Not all reach.
Farming is a game,
You either,
Harvest or lose.
Life is like seasons…………

~ Nabende Emmanuel Leonard Chipukizi If you think
If you think you know
Do you know the day when your mother was a virgin?

If you think you are Wise
Can you write on water?

If you think you are arrogant
Can you have lunch with the sun?

If you think you are powerful
Can you order the sun to shine at night?

If you think you are stubborn
Can you fight with fire?

If you think you are generous
Can you give out your heart for food?

If you think you are selfish
Can you deny death your life?

If you to think you are rich
Can you rent a room in heaven?

If you think you are educated
Can you tell the sum of sand, stars, hair and inhalation?

If you think you were blessed to race
Can you compete with wind?

If you think you are industrialized
Can you manufacture the ladder to heaven?

If you think you are an excellent liar
Can you deceive, GOD your SOUL and SATAN?

If you think you are never forgetful
Do you remember where GOD stood while creating you?

If you think you know business
Do you know the price of LIFE?
Just thank the Almighty for whoever you are

You embezzled my heart

Today I have come to you,
To tell you what is right,
Under this broad day light.

I have come to you,
Before the sun fully sprouts,
So that you won’t say I am drunk.

I have come to you
This morning before the sun is hot,
So that you won’t say I am dreaming.

I have come to you,
Before I talk to anybody else,
So that you won’t say
Somebody taught me words.

I have come to you,
Before I wash my face,
So that you won’t say,
The cold morning water,
Chilled my mouth to make words.

Look my blood is patrolling,
Every time in my veins,
Because you are my suspect.
You stole my heart on seeing you,

Last time we met at the well,
You grabbed my heart at once –
And yet you have felt no guilt about it.
I have come today,
To claim your arrest.

Come and see my nest;
Full of nobody apart from loneliness.
Does not a bird set up its own house
Using its own beak?
Does it call another man-bird to help him?
Did you ever see him go round for help?
I will die trying.

Come let us share my mat for a bed,
Come let us share a meal of my pot,
Come let us weed the coffee plant together,
Come let us peel banana fingers together,
OH! Come let us make love together.

Some people say I don’t have a good house,
They say I don’t have a good cloth,
They bleed words that that I am not handsome,
They g beating drums that my heart is blind,
They told my mother and father,
That I will never get a wife
Because they think I fear women.
Do you believe them my culprit?
Didn’t God say I am beautifully?
And wonderfully created?
Is it my clothing that you want?
Is it a house that you want?
Is it my heart’s blindness you want?
It is love that you want…………..)

Love is killing me –
Loneliness is burying me,
Your beauty is drowning me,
My thoughts are married to you,
Your love is all I need,
Loneliness should begin to flee,
Because it’s only you I need.

I am coming back on four legs,
To adore you,
To cry my love teats to before you,
To surrender myself a slave to love,
To request join my world,
To make me a complete man,
And make me proud again.
Do not leave me alone my queen,
I will always try to make my love keen,
Do not pass-by me in your dream,
Because I want to be part of your dream,
You know I am a great fool,
Only be my teacher,
For I will be a better learner.
Modern daughters

Those children dressed in rugs,
That made them better than the rich,
And their gray faces that looked
Like children of holy ghosts.
It was not a shock but a reality,
I sat opposite the stage of performance,
In a school visitation day
Where hardworking parents were expected,
Expectant of their children’s performance.
I was tempted to call it a living hell.

I am sorry for my eyes:
This little girl came forward.
A girl with little shy breasts,
And that skirt; short like
The distance between eyes,
Her limbs, tall and slender
Like the fattes tgrass in Buluganya forest
And like a pig burning with libido……..
For a man-pig.
All the house brought their attention closer.

She spread her arms forward,
Pulled her brief skirt
Above her dirty raw thighs,
And then she twisted her wasp like waist.
Her legs begun colliding as
She started stealing in her dances.
That was but the beginning
Of my wonder up to tomorrow.

The house was then full of fire;
Full of malodorous orders,
Mixed with unbathed bodies
And the gods that women use for beauty.
And then she collided on the floor again,
Like a millipede running away from danger.
She rapidly moved her buttocks
From bottom to top artfully
Like graduates in their last rehearsals.

The whole room was then lost in laughters,
All the attention only set on her
All their eyes only pointing onto her.
All their faces were twisted,
To send her smiles of applause
Their teeth were cemented out,
To send their cheers
And all their heads nodding
To give her company………..

She then turned to them her back
And lifted her buttocks again,
Rotated before them
Like a bee guarding its hive.
She then walked on her hands,
While breaking and mending her back
In what they called break dance.
She danced all dances,
The dances I had never seen.
She danced all styles,
The styles I had never seen.
That young girl is a mature woman
Spoilt by either her mother or father,
At such a tender age.

Second plea

I have come again,
With fresh tears,
Because of only you,
For the love I have for you.

I have come again
To kneel before you
Like a fool worshiping an idol
Because I want you to approve me,
For my heart thirsts for you.

I have come again
On four legs like baby man.
In infant tears seeking for a breast
To suckle the love that I need.
Please do feed me
For I may die of starvation.

I have come again
In these my rugs,
And bare feet
To take the sympathy of your heart
And receive me the way I am.
For love forgives all sins.
Please may you receive me.

I have come again,
OH! My native woman-
To ask you to join my world,
For I am lonely.
Dying of your absence
Because I greatly love you.

I have come again
To repeat my words
That you may see sense in me.
I want to sing my song again,
Perhaps you may find meaning
In the words that send my message.
Pleas my African queen,
Come and sing with me,
The sacred song of love.

I have come again,
Like a lion looking for prey
To request you to forget my past.
For all beings are born with imperfections,
May you look at my other side
And forgive all I have wronged you
Because I only want to be with you.

I have come again
In my usual gown of foolishness
To allow you see
Treasures of my heart.
Remember life has second chances
For those who keep pursuing.
May you make me
What you wish to have
In your life both now and later.

I have come again
To ask you in peace;
What do you exactly hate about love?
Will you ever forgive love?
Is it the relationship you hate or me?
Is it me you don’t want in love or love?
Don’t I deserve to be loved?
Tell me dear that I may continue crying.

Still more plea

These days,
Your words are short,
Cut by your tongue
Whenever I chip in
With my usual story
Which of course
Has made me a great fool.

Whenever I asked you
To affirm my foolishness,
You courageously assured me,
That I am a better fool,
For the other fools
Speak a lot of nonsense
And are so quick
To decision as long as
It favours them.

I was grateful to have
Improved in my level of foolishness.
I was encouraged to improve my madness
To continue looking foolish
Because I do but truly love you.
I love with all my mind,
I love you with all my heart,
I love with all everything,
I love you with all my foolishness.
Please I beg, may you favour your fool.

People said,
Love is a journey……..
Perhaps we can begin travelling.

People said,
Love is a war….
Perhaps we can start the fight.

People said,
Love is a song….
Perhaps we can sing together.

People said,
Love is like hunting…
Perhaps we can hunt together.

People said,
Love is a fire…
Perhaps we can extinguish together.

People said,
Love is a risk…
Perhaps we can venture together.

People said,
Love is like swimming…….
Perhaps we can swim together.

People said,
Love is like an illness…
Perhaps we treat together.

Love is natural.
I feel it for you.
Nobody persuaded me.
Nobody bribed me.
Not your beauty,
Not your character.
The truth is my heart has you in me.

I want to be with you
Like doctor’s hands in the gloves.

I want to follow you
Like the shadow follows its beholder.

I want to protect you
Like bees safe guard their hive.

I want to freely
Be with you
Llike baby lions with their parents.

I always want to
Play with you
Like baby dogs with their parents too.

I want to always
Collaborate with you
Like sleep and eyes.

People die of age.
People die of diseases.
People die of accidents.
People die of natural disasters.
Please do not make die of LOVE.

Before the wedding throne

I cry and eat my tears
Because of you-
I breathed all words
All forms of words to show you
My heart –my life treasures to you
I know all beginnings have ends.

I know more than a man
Out their craves for you,
They have sent in their pleas,
They have expressed themselves.
They have come ready to undertake you
This is all because of love.

Your beauty is attractive,
Your character is enviable,
Your heart makes me jealous,
Your decision is my weighing scale.
Only when you speak
I know my woman is within.

I am crying…..
Not because I am dying soon.
I am doing so,
Because I need you always.

I am lonely
Not because I am an orphan,
I am because I want to be with you.

I am alone,
Not because there are no people in the world
I am because you make my world

Where is your mercy
For broken hearts like I am?
I knowyou have
Hidden many people behind your words…
But please,
May you consider a stranger like me,
I love you when the sun wakes up,
I love you when the sun goes to bed,
I love you even when it never appears again.
I love you when the moon shines brighter.
I still love you,
Even when the sky is gloomy,
I will always follow you,
Until when my life is extracted
From this unbearable earth.

Love knows all barriers-
Love calms all arrogance,
Love is not a game for a true man
Love is not a garment,
That we change time and again.

I know those your powerful hands,
The hands that feed you,
The hands that nurture you…
Will want their command be your wish
Because they long for their desires…

Give me one more chance
For love settles all iniquities.
Love brings peace.

I want to be with you,
To show you my practical part
Of everything…
Come and join my world
And stop my regrets and trauma.
Come oh! Queen,
Come oh! My love,
For I love you forever…….

Decide before the wedding
Bells ring…
Oh! Take me before the wedding,
Ring is brought by another man…
Oh! Come to me,
Before the wedding music is hired.
Please……. I do beg oh! Come.
Take this fool,
That you may feed him
With the wisdom of your skull
Oh! Take this poor Blackman
That we may make fortune together
Oh! Please come and wipe my tears.
I don’t want to ashame the world
And make your mother collapse,
And make your heart burst,
And disgrace your fathers,
And make the whole day
A living hell for all of us,
For I don’t want to ……
Stand and object your matrimony
For I know one of us will die.
How I pray that it happens to me
Before your own face and your……..
(If I mention it I die)
So that you will confirm my love,
That love which was kept for you
The love that I always talk about.
Before the wedding throne,
Let there be peace-
Let there be grace-
Let there be joy and victory-
Joy and victory for me.
Just for me……for me I say,
Because my love is for you,
And all your life,
All your everything……
Please take me home.


If I die, when you are still asleep.
Don’t shock the world
With your unscrupulous noises
That would seem to suggest
But nothing at all.
Jubilate and celebrate for that fate.
I would not need your insurgent
Songs when am lain in my casket,
In my commissioned death.

Tell those invited guests,
To be free to undertake
Their wish officially.
Tell them to stop fearing like you do
Because their guilt is true.
Take a moment with them
And destroy some moment of joy
As you shake together
Glasses of stolen love.

Sing for me a farewell song
And stop shading those crocodile tears
Because to me, they carry all there gravity
In the confines of my heart and ears.
Let this be your spur of mesimiration.
That is actually what I wish for you.
I don’t want you to live in prison,
Struggling to see the sun
In vain because of my constrain.
Even in my death I will be peaceful.

Is it a pseudonym or love?

Have this time to remember it has an end
And keep on ameliorating yourself the time you breathe
Purposely for another beautiful world than this,
Prepared for your happiness beyond your dreams.
You were actually meant for that since you are loved.

Birth isn’t by mistake,
Inscribed on it was joy mixed with jubilation forever.
Remove this hypocritical nature you tend to own.
Teach yourself integrity and true love that brings satisfaction to
Him whom you are really sure you gave your heart.

Dedication from a paupers like me is,
Assurance of that love you know I carry
Yet sometimes you take it for a myth.

Many a time I’m left in boiled blood and sweat
Yet without sympathy you keep me on with hired joy.

Like you said, ‘’I have made up my minds’’
Oh! What a wonder that truths are not depended upon.
Vexed I’m many times as though it’s a cup of tea-
Ever sweet to you that provision should not end.

Song Full Of Black Love

Even then before my beards were bold,
I didn’t know you neither did
I see you with my blind eyes
But I still with love’s eyes, we have met.
My heart vomits a lot of passion.
Within the walls of my heart,
Are boiling secrets of love.

I, in my world
Burn feelings of African love
Whenever I think
Of your absence forever.
The lamp of love seems to be burning low
Because you are the matchstick,
From which fire…..
Full of golden love I discharge.
When my eyes shoot yours in ourlaughters,
The screen of your beautiful black eyes
Tell me that you are my mirror.

Your voice is like sweet
Melody of the kookaburra bird.
Those beads, beautiful as they are,
Remind me of my “chibei”-
That I used to sing in the fields-
When I see them aligned on that chest,
A chest that has my passion under custody
Where the secrets of Parenthood hide,
Waiting to seek
The decisions of our hearts.

And when you walk
Under that last sun’s light,
Your shadow shelters my eyes
From the direct rays
Of that envious sun.

You are that first book
In which I wrote my first scribbles
When Mom took me before the chalkboard.
You took my heart out of me-
Please here I am.
Don’t leave me heartless and lifeless….)


I don’t have a tune-
These are my words
My words I made them-
I made them for you.
It’s because you
Are in the first page of my heart
Like pure blood flowing to the heart-
My heart…….YOUR LOVE

I will always care for that name-
That name my love
That person. My love:
My joy and my any……….
I love you more than I can say it.
I am sure…….
I am surely sure of
Your temporal absence
And hopefully hoping
To have your presence.
It’s true I agree-
I am agreed…………………Yes
You will never change:
You are not a chameleon.
You are in my stream already-
My heart……….

Your words: I can’t say more,
Yours are more
Because it’s already in my mind:
My heart! My soul
I don’t regret because it had to happen.
Yes. That name:
A name that took me
Out of the green plantations-
Vegetative gardens: the green land
And you taught me,
I am grateful and grateful.

I am not scared of any watch:
Not even my friend’s words,
With that, I am seriously serious.
I just need you more than
My anything: you are……..
And don’t think I am imagining-

When I took my first
Osculation on your fair texture,
I so thought:
I felt as if I was in my own world.
I can’t explain it:
My dear: It’s funny, really funny.

That peck I made:
I am not sure but very sure
Love is not forced-
It’s not made- it’s not wow!
It exists in one’s heart –
Soul –blood –mind ETC
It’s true you made it for me –
Showed it to me………

When we always
Fall into a dialogue –
A talk,
Sudden confusion
Always break in within me
It gives me time to laugh –
Smile and gust.

When I am
Speaking to you my rib, –
My love.
Certain smiles evaporate
High to space in the sky
Up my empty soul –
My mind and my heart
I get to feel confident:
I know I am appreciated

What do you have
That makes me forget my world?
I truly don’t understand!
Is it your proximity?
Is it your complexion?
Is it your tenderness?
Whatever you say to me
Is the right answer
To my questions –
These many questions.

Your words will always lead me –
They will lead me.
Your words I love –
I enjoy –I taste: they are sweet
It’s because you,
You too –control me:
I am controlled.

Like sleep,
I can’t do without you.

Like breathing,
You are always within me.

Like a shadow,
You always walk with me.

Like the sun,
You always light for me.

Like a dove,
You are always peaceful with me.

Like bees,
You always cooperate with me.

Like wind,
You are always there for me.

Like clothing,
You always cover me.

Like a wasp,
You are always protective of me.

Like mother hen,
You always cover me under warmth.

Like a road,
You always lead me.

Like a day,
You are always hospitable to me.

Like the sky,
You are always open to me…
I am tired to mention all.

How you changed my world –
My mind –my cord.
You know I can’t just explain
Because that is God’s errand-
Not mine – It’s for our God.
You just did it good-
Well – better –excellent

This is my song:
I made it not for my mum-
Dad –
Brother –sister –uncle –auntie –
Friend and Not myself
But for you –just you
Because you are my love –
Mama of my children-
My flower ever nice…………….

You burn my head with the fires
That you spit on me
Through the words that you carry
Under your hypocritical tongue
Whenever you think
I am the right person for you to hurt.

You strike me naked
Whenever you sit with those you love
In your leisure places
And exchange together laughters
Of blasphemy and disapproval,
Discussing of how wise I am
With branded foolishness.

You thresh and chop and tear
My heart with the words
You send flying to me, like
The bullets of a virgin gun
And make me pour my blood,
As I compel to regret-
In questions without answers.
You smite and mock me
With those smiles and laughters
That you dress about in garments
That are not theirs.
How lucky you are!
To have got your fool!

Much as the sun burns hotly
And my thoughts stuck on you daily.
Upon my own words and thoughts,
I swear, not by any other sake but love.
So long as I live with you,
I will always work hard
For your happiness.
If it means dirty donkey work-
Toiling under the burning sun,
Tilling the dust,
Moving wherever my thoughts lead,
Whether with my birthday suit or coat,
I will never be frustrated
As long as you embrace the joy you need.

How I pray, that between us,
There be understanding-
Endurance and love.
The happiness of a king.

I promise to remain;
On your side, near your ribs
When all the world
Has deserted you.
Even those you thought love you,
All those you graduated from,
The siblings and guardians.
When all are wishing your doom.

Look here,
There is no curse put
On your head will alight
Because there is no cause.
I will always
Take care of you as I live.
I will always
Give you the happiness you need.
I will all the time
Keep your confidence.
I will always
Keep the trust in me for you.
I will take care of your children.
Much as God
Gives us more candles to blow,
I will always be thankful and
Appreciative to him.
We shall ask him to restore-
The joy of his salvation unto us.
We will always live by him.
We will always live for him.
Under him forever……..

When will rest from this
Irksome abode of no rest?
Full of irate people
Like the glowing stars
In the plain sky.
The iridescent eyes of
My father’s opponent,
Staring against my destinies
And causing ceaseless decisions in me.
This irks my father’s proposals.

I stand robust,
Armed to teeth,
Full of determination,
Every day with my frail,
Wooden bones to attack him
And restore my father’s meek-
As I jovially receive my victory’s gown
And fade my father’s grief in a jiffy.

My incapable little strength,
Together with my father’s strength,
Can defame and
Ablaze this colossal beaned beast
And reduce him to cinerary.
I want to leave pellucid
Malediction upon him,
Before his angles
In their hateful gloomy home.
As I go to my indestructible
Home to enjoy my father’s pledges.

Walking in the bush,
With no tool for protection.
Alone with no human sound.
Everything was so natural
As I crept to creep the fruity tree.

And there I heard melodies,
The sweet bird’s music-
This made me forget the fruits,
As the sky’s arrogance-
Threw a cold interjection of silence
Into my slim mouth.

An aroma was calling me,
I looked down to respond,
Behold an interrogative seething.
This drove an invigorating smile into me.

Like a bird to its nest,
I flew to land in warm arms
And I knew I was safe.


I’m already tired
And I can no longer bear.
If it is so-I rather be bare,
Because I should no longer enquire
What is no longer my share.
I see…..I can see;
This is already another transaction,
Another transaction in my business.
But then, how…why?
How can this happen before my sight?

I have been seeing a queue
And I know your rendezvous.
For how long…why dear?
Why do this to me?
How many times should I reiterate
Yet you are serene?

Where are the sentiments-?
The sentiments you had for me
Before all these begun happening? Oh! MyAdamic sense has………frozen
And my feelings
For you have sneaked away.
My solidarity is done.
Am now dry…..dry like a living bone.
What kind of punctuation
Do you need in my statements?
How prudent do you want me to be?
Proclaim to me now,
With this your same mouth.
If you can’t bear it anymore-
Better let me be bare.

Why are you always
Impriorating me
As though I am among others?
Here I am,
Tell me quick and end this trauma.


They paint their eyes;
And lips and nails
With a god called cosmetics,
And thereby look “GOOD”
In borrowed beauty.
And along the road,
With stagnant beauty,
They move with informed enemies.
The ghosts whose beauty fades in time.
Like the owls’, their fingers are tall
And tatty to complement their death.

Check their handbags and see
What they will never forget to carry.
The mirrors that at all times
Keep reminding themselves of the beauty
That is not theirs-
And the perfumes and combs,
For improving their death.

Look at how they pile themselves
In what they call “women trousers”
And the outline of their “sewerage”,
The assumed pride.
They harbour innocent decisions
Because they are behind the “mother book”

Look at how they dismantle,
The passengers in their travel,
With their fried hair styles, tight yawning skirts,
Baked lips-grilled ears and nose,
Tattooed bodies and over cooked stench-
Evaporating from their armpits,
Full of dead perfumes and oils,
Like fed- up public toilets.
The meal of the hungry men.

Where are the hungry men?
Here exist some goods,
Come and enjoy this marketing game-
Goods that bargain for themselves,
With divergent prices-
Including the giveaway prices.
Come, snatch one for desire
And dig graves in advance for your corpse.
Here you won’t lose………….

Bowl of my Joy

Morning came and evening went,
Unaware that thirst was borrowing my life.
Grooves of my heart, lonely and empty of love.
In the decided days of my pessimistic life,
Dedicated to loneliness and unfair judgment
Even up to those who do not deserve like you.

She swept me off, like violent winds
Hurrying to pave way for torrential rains.
Arrested under her was me,in her spacious heart.
Richlydetermined and steady like a meander, she flew with me
Only to let me know that, I judged
Nature wrongly almost including her innocently.

Magnificently astonished and frightened,
Unknown oceans and seas of love flooded me.
Decidedly, she handcuffed me, afraid of my escape-
Under the custody of her heart I sat excitedly,
Watching her erosive, enviable, expectant love
After all I am already her criminal.

Freely like a sleepy mother’s baby,
Only to realize, she had cuddled me,
Responsibly under her chest as I listened to her heart beats.

Even when eagles flew by to snatch me
My BOWL minded more about me,
Making me safe for more than her own reasons,
And I stood aghast to accept all she said.

But only my heart
I may travel al l over the world,
Looking for you in the four
Corners of the world,
Because of the love I carry for you in my heart,
But it is all in vain,
If you do not have the love for me.

I may labour through all my abilities in life,
To almost running mud, so as to make you happy,
But it is all in vain,
If you do not have the for me.

I may beautify-braid-decorate myself,
With the most desired and preferred
Perfumes, only to please you,
But it is all in vain,
If you do not have the love for me.

I may utilize all my time, in all my days,
Thinking about you and how our future will be,
But it is all in vain,
If you do not have the love for me.

I may give you my most hidden smile,
And tune or twist or dictate my face, at a certain angle,
Because I do not want to see you gloomy or sad,
But it is all in vain,
If you do not have the love for me,

I may commit myself,
And my efforts and resources,
And my everything,
So that you are never disappointed or discouraged,
But it is all in vain,
If you do not have the love for me.

Love is so shy-
She is naive and very intelligent,
Polite and humble and kind and honest.
She never comes while you are watching her.
Love is tribe less,
Known as generous to all.
She is a blind Hunter,
Only prepared to shoot all.
She is as generous as the sun,
And the moon and the stars,
And as wide as the sky,
To occupy all runners.
Love is like blowing wind………..never isolative,
She blows toward all corners and never selective.

I write all these with my right hand,
To my dove from the kiga land,
She is the “paa” that covers above my nest,
And never again will flies drop in my heart.
I found her taking shelter on my head,
And as I craned my neck, indeed she was made.

There I died in confused excitement,
And the tears that looked excellent,
Yet I didn’t instantly know the reason,
Because from her already made a decision.

This is my song of heart to your ears,
And as long as our hearts remain ours,
I know our consent will make an appointment,
This will along make us build our apartment.

This is the voice of one,
Known to you as an orphan and poor,
That is the little fact which you know is ever rare.
This is my rib that for long never appeared,
Here, rendered to me divinely, by the most fears.

I render my heart forever to you my love,
Although this journey, I truly know is tough and rough.

I have no penny to buy you a wedding ring,
I have no penny to buy you a wedding dress,
I have no penny to construct you the most desired house,
I have no penny to add you beauty,
I have no penny to buy a coach for our personal ride.
If that shall be the reason to disown me-
Then you are forever right,
Because that is exactly who I am,
But only my heart, my heart for you….
And that is where,
My feelings, memories,
Prospects, thoughts imaginations,
And all that the world callsLOVE dwell.
Only my heart, my heart for you
Common Friends
When you come to our home,
You must not think,
You are entitled to eat, drink and sleep.
It is common sense that,
You are only a visitor for two or…….
There is no child play here,
That you will collect all the honor,
Only in the name of visitor.

Here we do not sit cross-legged,
On those sleep bringing seats called sofas,
And add market to actor’s goods,
Through wasting your time,
Glued on those things called screens-
Like lifeless statues stationed in towns,
For tourist attraction and home beauty.

Those issues of internet, all the time
In bookface-twiter-whatsapping….
I even hear you call others;
Imo, porno, Instagram,
I even imagine next time you shall have kilogram-
And those others who escape taxes,
By using the VPN…………..
Because you want to enjoy others’ sweat.
That demon can be erased,
By Mathew 17:21,
Not those criminals called the policemen.

Did you ever see a bee,
sitting back for nectar?
Or it travels on its wings,
Singing songs of insects,
All the way to collect it-
Including those scents you leave in the toilet,
So that when you enjoy honey,
You should never forget its part of your urine.

Our home is not a habour for laziness,
That you should come to hid your stress.
Even a dead body May be dead,
But it delegatesa lot of work,
So that when others are cooking,
The strongest men will be digging the grave,
And the remaining fools will keep dancing,
As though death is their grandfather.

You should not keep,
Smuggling food into your stomach,
Then you forget,
Giving back carbon dioxide
to plants to make more food.
Our home is not an office,
That you should keep tacking in,
As though you are waiting for supervision.

Those issues of walking in sleep,
And begin building buildings in air,
As though that is part of your future plans,
Yet in reality you sleep on a thin stomach,
Of borrowed meals and beddings.
You are welcome home dear friend,
But you are my friend at your own risk.

What a cancer in my heart!
Within this dear earth,
Madam mattress and,
Mr. Blanket has lost their neighbor.
Try to visit them please,
That I may send her bodyguards to guard you.
Stop yelling please,
My ears are now deaf,
I can’t grab your echoes,
My eyes are blind,
I can’t see any more.
My legs are weak,
I can’t move on any more.

Slowly, I gathered my self
Off the ground,
But within me was a small
Molecule of hope,
And great expectation.
I didn’t know the origin of
The molecule, but I felt it pushing
Me to take another step,
Through the strange thick forest.

The happiness of the sun renewed
The remaining strength within me,
As I embarked on my tough journey.
The tall trees seemed to be
Competing for happiness cake,
The sun was offering to them.
The cool breeze –dancing trees,
Blubbering monkeys,
Jumping from branch to branch.
All didn’t seem to care
About this intruder, in their territory.

The courteous African girl,
Abandoned and alone,
Advancing through the wild world.
The world seemed history to me,
As I walked through the strange forest.
Everything throughout the forest,
Ranging from trees –insects to plants,
And animals seemed to be out of this world.
This made me feel rejected.

My journey in the forest seemed long,
I could not tell,
If really it would ever end.
I went on and on;
I was then weak and tired,
I could not move any longer.
There was no home for me to sleep in,
There was no food for me to eat,
And there was no friend to make me laugh.

Then I sunk into the ground,
As the music in my stomach,
Increased from second to second.
I lay on my back,
On the dewy leaves,
Only to let my lungs relax.
I had not yet seen my mom.

I found you again

The long awaited morning has come.
It has come to pass,
I have seen you again.

My dead dread has resurrected,
And moved to the seventh heaven,
My tears have ended.
I know I will no longer go tired,
Wiping the over flowing tears
From my tiny spherical eyes.
My visage is happy to cry happily.

The long awaited afternoon has come,
It has come to pass,
I have seen you again.

I have come out of
The coffin of loneliness,
And death will never again,
Storm my demanding heart.
My friends are good,
And indeed very good,
But you are best and excellent.
Please, my lost one,
Clap hands for yourself.

The long awaited e evening has come,
It has come to pass,
I have seen you again.

The dimpled piggy cheeks,
The shiny well created eyes,
The gorgeous happy face-
A face never gloomy and sad.
The warm gifted bosom,
The soft palms of your arms,
And the succulent lips.
I will kiss again,
Because you’re the chosen Mary,
Among the virgins.
You are homely welcome,
And the rest I don’t know.


Greatness is always
The brain child of small things,
Where foolishness- stupidity- laziness,
Come first before we travel to reason.
Our skills, harboring a framework and imaginations
Whose origin, natured knows.

Slowly as the sun rises and sleeps,
Understanding and reason
Begin to accommodate.
We then become owners of knowledge,
And skills and ideas and abilities.

I am mourning for my unsupported ability,
Beaten every other time,
With what people do.
Things that I see small at sun rise,
Are great at sundown.
I am challenged every morning
At what advances and sprouts.
Making substance
Out of abstract mental property.

I think;
I fit somewhere among this lot,
Encouraged many times
By others’ achievements,
Motivated everyday
By people’s determination,
And the road
On which they ride to greatness.
Others old…Adults,
Young and…Teens like me.
They are walking to books of history,
A thing, that a poor me can do,
If only,
My weak hand is held on,
And a lift, that can change my position.

I don’t call it a skill –
God has purely
Given me a talent,
A pure gift,
A key to open
All closed doors for me,
In my life time journey.
If it were possible,
that I can…
Bribe “goodness” with my lamentations,
Befriend “success” for life relationship,
Take “trust” for my gown,
Inhale “hope” as my “thirst” quencher,
I would employ
Determination and hard work,
As my personal bodyguards.

How do others do these “things?”
Is it not thinking and implementing?

My “ability” can take me beyond far,
I can walk on waters,
And fly,
Among the winds of the “skies”
I can climb mount “Everest”
“Yes I can”
Can I not?
Yes I can,
For Sir God says so.
“I alone know the plans,
I have for you plan for you,
Not for destruction
Or doom or death but for GOOD.
The promises,
From one whose mouth,
Never lies or
Deceive or
Changes altitude against his wishes.

Yes I will fly-
I want wings.

I am not meant for what I am now.
Can someone open my doors?

I am right here, ready to travel
With my intellectual ability,
To harvest greatness.
That is my vision,
A dream,
Whose aim and mission,
Is to:
Transform a world around me,
For my generation and generations to come.


Indeed I’m so sorry-
So,so, sorry,
Because of that story.
Indeed, I was so busy,
But let it not be so teasy.
My dear, it was so shocky,
Because it left me so shivy.
Are you forgiving me shally?
You know it was not a rally,
For you to be with Emma.
Please try to remember,
And make me better.
Have you understood me shally?
During the weekend,shally, Thoughts drove me so crazy.
I tried to be easy,
But I realized I was so lazy.
Shally…. I’m lazy,
And so, are you forgiving me shally?
Have you understood me shally?
Oh!, please!Say yes,shally.
Say yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
I’m so soooooooooooooooorrr…


My dear nose
Nearly blocked off.
When like a dove,
I flew in the openness of the free wind,
When I tried to cling,
On the clouds to lean.
It hid its smile from me,
But when I stood on and on,
I bowed down on the prodigal ground,
To have a salute to my commander.

Oh!? I just know not.
If hate,
Was the name of life,
Then no one would temper with it.

If excess,
Was the name of love,
Then there would be no hate.

If aggression,
Was the name of my heart,
Then there would be no peace.

If forgiveness,
Was the name of the blowing wind,
Then no tree would ever break.

If mercy,
Was the name of the sun,
Then there would be no clouds and coldness.

If accidents,
Were predicted,
Then no one would wish for it.

If fortunate,
Was the name of unfortunate,
Then everyone would be fortuned.

If death,
Was the name of friendship,
Then no one would wish to be its friend.

Because death
Is not a lair.
He only tells facts about lies.
He designs how life ends and
Indeed finally it ends.


Like pattering –
I pour my salty sweat,
From my naked cloth.
Thereon I wet my gardened flower,
As I seemed kooky and
dreaded to save my flower.

I am mingled and muddled in mud,
As I feebly essay to save my flower,
My puny-trim-elegant only flower.
Like army ants,
I dig ditches to lap the gulled water,
To leave my flower protected.
When the end commenced,
I die in my flower’s branches,
And lose my sense of bearing,
As I grew impotent and –
Peacefully held on the branches,
The severe sun’s heat,
Heating my flower,
And as its escaping water,
Running to the sky-
There it drops on,
My visage from the stomata.
Then I received the breath again,
And when I resurrected,
My errand was done.
Thirsty Heart

You are beautiful!
You deserve my love,
I’ll take you home,
Because my heart is for you,
Just come for me.
My heart is full of passion,
I’ll not love hate,
I will make you happy forever,
Until death separates us.
I have decided alone,
With my sober mind,
And I will go by that,
Even when I’m poor.
Please just stay with me,
Because you’re the one,
I waited for forlong.


Then our eyes collided,
In the accident of the air,
When each on its way went,
And when we innocently realized it,
A column of strange joy,
Trampled over our hearts,
And the rambling sounds,
That shot from our lips,
To wave a shy smile.

We all died in ignorance,
Then I went away with half heart,
And my mind and words,
That was the tongue of the blood.

And the uncontrollable speaking started,
With words that shot my veins,
Spreading the necessary fear,
Of the strange, coincidental meeting,
On the lonely ground of great crowds.

Those days when we served,
As voluntary slaves of hard work,
Identified by a common dress,
Called school uniform,
In the happiness of those days.

I have failed to oppose this feeling,
A serious war,
So serious on me-
And all the time encountering ……….
Mental-emotional and
Habitual destructions.

I die when I recall of these times,
I have tried in vain to resurrect,
Back to my normal madness.
O! So sweet this death is,
That it should keep on murdering me.
But I should be vigilant
Since at times it kills for real.


Deceive me no more because time,
We shall have no more.
Arise oh! Sun and shine upon mine bone,
Provide one thing,
Which again won’t make us sin,
Because our mate is already away………….

We need oh!
Queen to begin manhood.
Consult your soul,
If in case it is so soon,
But I believe as it is so soon,
All shall be pune.

Departed thoughts
Seemed to have had much haste,
It was so, nice oh! Queen
You drove it under state.

So as per now, so ready I am,
To reach that fixed end.
They talked of hate,
Oh! That is a thing,
We should never hesitate.

We know they talked of
Calamities and waves,
But of course,
We know that is a moment of joy,
Because it makes us,
So strong-viable and hesitant.

I know parties may not agree
On that our thought,
But please remember,
It’s me Emma that you want.
Let their disagreements,
Give us more joy,
Because we are strong.

There is time for everything-
The preacher said,
Disagreement and agreement,
Discouragement and encouragement,
Disappointment and appointment,
Shame and fame,
Unpopular and popular,
Zero and hero.
That is not all……..
From nothing to something,
No one to someone,
Nowhere to somewhere.

Calamities were born,
To be nursed and babied.
When tears are for today,
Then happiness and joy
Are for tomorrow.

When hunger is for today,
The food is for tomorrow.
All these are members
Of the same family,
They teach sympathy.
Without it all,
You can never know,
Because you know them not.

Let friends and anybody
Advice you, but never
Let them not decide for you,
Because it’s very dangerous,
At all seasons.
Only regrets will,
Be the order of your journey.

Make decisions,
That will only bear you good fruits-
But if they be bad,
Let it be with your consent.

The sky is your target,
Tomorrow is where you see,
All these should be so.
Knowing that pressure first and
Pleasure next,
War first peace next,
Decision first, settlement later.

Accept suffer for your decision, career
And with that,
enjoyment later.

Love is patient, enduring,
Peaceful, forgiving,
Trustworthy, faithful,
Believing and understanding.

Time for babyishness and
Childishness is over.
Thinking like a child,
Reasoning like a child,
Seeing like a child,
Speaking like a child is over.

You are now an adult;
You are now a mother to be,
You are now mature;
You are now a judge,
You are now a decision maker,
Oh! Yes my queen.
Decide now-
Decide for yourself,
Decide for good…..


You, look at my eyes,
I bring to you the bright rays,
Like those that the sun gives.
Why are you so dreaded
As though you are spended?
Like an ugly bat is scared and
And guilty of the shining sun.

You, gentleman, Face me.
It is you to whom,
I bring my love full of fondness.
Stretch and be determined,
Like the sunflower that faces the sun.

You, my black gentleman,
I carry with me a heart and mind,
Ready to submit to you,
Here I am, ready to walk with you,
And share with you,
My innocent love.

You my African violet,
It is you amidst the multitude,
That my heart’s eyes set.
Give me nothing except you,
And all in you.
Come with me on this race,
That together we may progress.

You, my little black blessed man,
Tell me if I made an offense,
“Are you ready?”……….talk to me now.

Die a little bit,
Your silence, I really need,
Because my words, you also need.
Come closer my Queen,
Here, I will be so keen.

And come closer again,
Open your listening eyes for me,
Lay, but your arms on mine.
I want to see the screen of your eyes,
Your eyes overflowing with black love.
Shining in the darkness of my world,
Wherewith strange strength steal some excursions,
Surrounded by your arms in consent,
From which my joy I get.

You are my black suit,
In which my heart is carried.
You are my mirror,
Through which my mistakes I correct.
You are that pot of the Millet porridge,
Withdrawn by two cold leaves,
From the firestones,
Of my grandma’s kitchen.

Please come, I am made,
To you my gentleman,
My love I pour.
Here I am, ready to live together-
Together with forever,
Be the mother of my children.


We began as we limped into the couch,
In the happy sky as we rode.
The courteous African girl,
Clinging under my bosom,
Smoothening my parched dry lips.
The dimples on her cheeks,
The bushy lashes and
Lobs of her good eyes,
Her rabbit-like ears and
The grassy skull.
I looked at her again:
Themurderer of my feelings.

The nasty cold winds, as we
Out stared at the forage.
The moor land – a unique land,
A world of soundy wild babel,
Stabbing from the either sides.
Our journey had begun,
The moody-narky-lonely birds,
It was so frightening and cool.

I was completely at sea,
It was all so new to me,
I felt adrift and alone,
With no real sense of direction,
I had lost my bearings,
We didn’t know whether we were moving,
Forward or backward,
I felt like a fish out of the water,
We got it back all to the front.
As the blubbering sounds ended,
We were happy under that shed,
We sat to have a conversation,
As we galloped the cold fresh air thereon.


It is me thy usual one,
Thy usual one thee know of
I have come from my mine mother’s haven,
Coming to see thee mine dove.
Mine life demanded me to see thee,
Because thee art mine love.

I want to speak with thee,
In mine native tongue,
Lest thee understand me.
I thank thine God mine God,
Thy God for making me see not all eves,
And only open mine sight,
To see thee, on thy visage mine love.

Thee know mine true name,
And I too know thy name thy true name.
I have come to talk to thee,
And thee talk to me in thine love and tranquil.
I want thee understand mine wit,
And thee understand mine wit.

I beg thee make thy children
Call me papa,
And mine children call thee mama.
I want thee turn mine name,
To thy man and me turn,
Thy name to mine woman,

Let thy father and thy mother,
Call me thine son-in-law and,
Mine father and mom,
Call thee thine daughter-in-law.

I want thee make thine,
Brothers and thine sisters,
Be mine in-laws and thine too.
Let’s make thine parents,
Have thine grand siblings,
And many and many again,
On account of that sentence of
Stress, I want us ,
To make a generation
now and later.

Oh! Dear lady,-make a home,
And I will make thee a house.
Thee are so celestial,
Down mine lungs,
And very beautiful to mine sight.

You are a friend to others,
And a rib to mine cage.
Oh! Mine dear,
I have much to drop.
Thee make me
Fornicate no more,
Because thee have satisfied mine desires.

Thee make me
An adultery no more,
Because thee art only abundant for me.

Thee make me
Wander no more,
Because art their for me.

Let’s meet in a day,
Lest birds and the wind,
And the day bear witness of us.

In case of any hate –
We add more love
In case of studies –
We will study to the end
In case of employment-
That is not our task-that’s Gods work,
Because he says,
He alone knows
The plan he has for us……..
(A plan for a bright future)
In case of any sadness-
We add more smiles and
In case of any loneliness
We graze together.

And because of thee,
I will a bachelor no more,
And because of me thee,
I will be a spinster no more.

In case of challenges
We pray together-
In case of disputes,
We solve together
Come home –
Come home –
Come home mine love
mine for ere’……………………)


Please I can’t talk.
Do you believe me?
I am shocked of something else-elsewhere,
I can’t tell exactly-it is so strange,
Because it is far different,
From what exists in the world,
But still I feel so sorry for my heart,
And I can’t hide what I feel about you.
Truly you are so celestial,
down in my kiga heart.
I act so strangely,
when I am close to you.
I feel free-happy-excited and
so haughty,
Of something I don’t know.
This doesn’t look common t me,
My dear, I fail to say these to your ears.
For truth, I like you more than anyone.
I know this will shock you,
But I just said it from my kiga heart.
I truly know that-
Amgona miss you,
But still you will remain in my heart,
The mind-my soul and my spirit.
Do I lookgood to love you Emma?


I bribed the sun,
By putting on light cloth.
I bribed coldness,
By putting on heavy cloth.
I bribed hunger,
By eating some food.
I bribed sleep,
By sleeping late.
I bribed a woman,
By employing my words and money.
I bribed my friends,
By hiding my true nature from them.
I bribed rain,
By taking shelter under a shade.
I bribed my teacher,
By dodging lessons in class.
I bribed the examination board,
By cheating exams.
I bribed poverty,
By investing my resources.
I bribed laziness,
By working very hard.
But when I found,
Myself in an animal called
I had no way out.
I don’t know what is wrong with
My feelings.


When that news landed on
My peaceful ears,
I died……….
And on resurrecting,
I demanded for that sound again,
But it all made die again.

I could not understand yet listening,
It was such an unexpected cannonade,
That killed the whole of me.
I took unbelievable time to believe.

“Is this how nature punishes!?”
I felt but some movement in my veins,
Like an expanse of flowing water,
After a torrential down pour,
From the generous sky,
Of the good lord.

O, I’m not prepared for madness.
I’m not strong enough,
But if so,
Who will rescue me?
Who will catch my hand,
When am falling?
Who will wipe off,
The unexpected tears from my eyes?

So tired and full of bitterness,
I looked like a rag,
Piled in a wheel,
Ready to be thrown and
Dumped into the dustbin of love.

O, how soon?
Why now?
That my name is,
Excluded from the books of love.

Why do you threaten me?
When am never ready to let go?

And then I asked them,
Why I was in the hospital yet not ill,
“Please say something.”I said,
Why now,
When I most need you dear?

My breathe
I winked rapidly,
As I sought the recognition.
The gray dark attire,
I commonly see her in.
I said “stop “,
As I located my feet
To the next position.

So eager stood her,
To discover whose voice it was.
My visage wet,
With a flood of narrow joyful drops.
My words silence………………..

Am in halves,
Like a seasonal river,
More when rainy,
And less when dry.

This strange life of dreamland,
Just declare me public,
Secrecy never again.
Let me fetch my honor,
As eyes graze on you.

Am gonna live to reckon,
All my peers,
That one, whose
Womb contained you,
And that one, whose
Womb contained me.
Your friends…. Your brothers,
And those who know two.
I want to see their white teeth,
The replacement of my rib,

The almighty has destined.

I want to see them dance,
Your sisters shall dance too,
We two,
Will have to dance,
And we will rest our merry,
As we let them,
Witness our joy.

Adore him mine apple,
Don’t desist and make me lone.
My question,
I ask, from my infinite provision,
Like a bird of the air builds,
Am gonna let us live in a nest,
And a nest of,
Joy, peace and love.
Under the roof,
Out of bewilderness.

Let my children car you mama,
And your children call me papa,
The bond of our togetherness.

Your succulent lips,
My exorbitant amity,
Complain not,
And make me ratherly foolish.

Your teeth are ever White,
I know they will never go red.
They will never change color.

You’re the origin of my nature,
And I’m half without you.
Your oily lips,
And the beautiful cheeks-
I feel to osculate,
And osculate again.
The world know us,
But God our creator know us better.
You are mine and I’m yours,
My Africa, touch my hand,
We go to the second world.


I beat the Grass to see her,
Flat like a log,
Hervisage appear.
Appeared laying on the thick grass.
Her plain beauty,
Her appeal of appreciation,
Dug deep in my blood stream.
Oh! This is natural to tell.
We are indeed tamed.

I am a poor son of,
An African peasant.
I struggle to push my breath.
Alone in this grass,
Not meant for me.

Struggles at home,
For the better of me.
Oh God.
Don’t enfold yet my origin.
I will go back home to appreciate,
And make them rest and wait,
Your son has come back to revive.

The earth’s mouth,
Was so wide that it swallowed
Your tomorrow.
The hope of your,
Tomorrow was obstructed.
Spontaneously you had a mind shift,
You stood for me,
A son of your own drop,
The first drop.
Africans remain black.

My face,
So wet with the pours,
That the skin spits,
Happy and scared.
I don’t know what to say.
Am confused,
with excitement and joy.
I stretch my bonny arm,
To slip on her palm.

The spirit of the dark,
Some Summer forth,
As the sun negotiates,
The western horizon.
I will build my nest,
Under the sky’s roof for rest,
And I will expect an egg.
A journey of manhood.

We will cross the branches,
Branches of a tall tree,
A journey of stress and hate,
But today is not tomorrow,
I comprehend plainly.
Tomorrow is another day,
It is known to us not.

The pledgesyou made to my ears,
I wait to hear and perceive.
The ground of your fulfillment,
Please come,
We start the tell.
The kiss of a blannery stone.
My bag and baggage,
The journey continues.

The Sadist

I will never again,
waste mg oil to gain,
Because it will still rain.
Such a shame to be in love!

You claim to be blind,
Yet you collide people of the same mind.

You claim to be peaceful,
Yet you instigate war,
On those capable offeeling.
All the time you demand.
Are you a human?
You eat people like a cannibal….

Away from me.
You claim to be blunt,
Yet you slay like a virgin knife.
So sharp you are.
You are just a beast!

Away from me,
You invade me even when am not set,
And connect chains of bond,
In the darkness of my light,
You force my lame feet to walk.
Why are you so corrupt and dictative?
What do you want from
My Democratic government?

The departure

Finally the bell has gone;
Respected by all,
As the sky opens its mouth at you.
The ground’s face welcomes you,
But as you sail back,
Remember the book you wrote,,
What you wrote- how you wrote
And the vision and the mission.
You were meant to live.
Please read your books.

The Bond

No day like this one,
A stranger of unknown land,
But received, without question and
Enveloped in a warm bosom of a
New face-a woman never seen before,
Demanded and sick with love for me, which
Every creature, created by God deserves.

Ever green like untilled virgin dust.
My task ….to till and
Make off springs,
And never to lose their dignity, and
Not even,
Untie their attachment.
Ever green -my land, my
Loved productive land.

Mine eyes not the
Blind ones.
Africans- this
Black beauties, for
African, gentle, handsome men,
Zealously made to be
Intact with free true colour.

Value me, my black gentleman.
Indicate a smile on that face, to
Vanish away this,
Irritating loneliness,
As we Inhale, the pure air, of this earth, and please – Never mention its end.

My African violet

I love my colour.
I am not a label,
And I love my land.
The home of the dark.
This is my rib, my love,
My missing rib.

You hold me like an orchid,
Your eyes are bright,
Like a yellow daisy.
You make me calm,
Like a lily on water.
You are brave,
Like a sun flower that faces the sun.
Your eyes are so good,
They hang like arum lily,
And your lips are calm,
Like a hibiscus.

Oh! My African woman,
Do not prick me,
I fear the crab’s pincers,
Do not look at me,
With other eyes,
Like an owl.

Control your temper,
Do not look like a horned viper,
Don’t be arrogant like a scorpion,
Do not jilt me,
When I become fair,
To bring fairness.
I will not leave you,
Until I complete counting the stars.


I had come-
To the common place,
And the my previous seat,
Was waiting for my presence.
“Do you remember my words”?
She began to laugh as she tapped
My lonely shoulder…………..
“I do remember my dear”
That was her response.

We sat on nature
And our usual dialogue began.

She is such an elegant woman,
My native lady-she is unique.
“These remaining minutes “I began,
They are running so fast,
And so jealous;
I know it won’t succeed me,
Please decide soon!
And I will not be lone.
We know our senses had destined,
Our feelings at home,
And my hope in your glittering eyes.
Oh!Look, at the chronometer’s hand.
Time is gone, and gone forever.
Come home and we make a home.
Silent love

I have never tried to seek love;
Yet I have been in love,
And I have never made it.
I was caught up in it,
Though I, in vain negated it.
More of this fact you will see,
In my present nature,
Whose candle setting,
Is the past truth.

Words come like pervading smoke,
Designed to hit my ignorant ears.
Yeah! I enjoy your invading truth,
Because with it,
I will soon host reality,
That which make my prophesy fulfilled.

Yes I may say and,
Yet you believe not.
I know you will believe it,
As I do it in thy presence.

Out of tranquility, I state myself,
Because I am not ready,
To see you regret in anyway,
Because this is when,
I will perfectly know,
What I am and,
Where I lie.

Do you find any value in me?
The truth,
I really don’t know,
Prophecy will state.
Do your part and,
Blame will fly.

A Wave of Success

This is another set,
Flying to its site.
My origin is tranquil.
I have come-
Sent to instill the loved,
Before the sun,
Negotiates the western –yes.

I rushed to the chapel,
With boisterous silence,
To relate- the state,
And my invisible guardian was great.
He invisibly assured me NEVER
To regrate-theirhence.

Mine brothers and sisters,
This is my time to whisper.
I can’t say I know-
Because-I don’t…ev.
Only that, (I am scared)-because,
The more the monkey climbs the mountain,
The more it exposes its private parts.
NO…! Yes I am not a victim…)

I am only dangerous,
to those who don’t deserve.
I know they will hate with hate, but
Mine is to curse them with a blessing,
Because I want them to cross,
The mogul to the other bank,
Because I passionately,
Hate them with too much.
Much loving-hate-but mmmm!!
Justice must prevail….
Oh, success!
Nothing succeeds like success does.
Am gone,
We go meet at the table of delegates.

Mine Mother Even Father Are the Best
Mummy you are poor-
Daddy you are also poor,
But you are all so great to me,
Because you are riches are known.
Rich with love-
Honesty and sympathy.
Mummy you are good-
Daddy you are also good.

She wants to see me in good,
Her words;
“Be patient-hopeful-enduring and,
Avoid wrong peers,
They are queered”
Those words,
I will never forget
Never forget
Mummy you are good-
Daddy you are also good.

Mine mummy can’t speak,
She is poor,
Because she was educated,
locally and tradionally.
She wants me to learn,
“fotifoti” and “fotifoti”
It is her believe that,
I will build an architecture.

Mine daddy is a post primary graduate,
He can speak irregular,
“fotifoti” clearly.
He is able to understand and interpret,
Even in courts of law-
He can state for the state.
Mummy you are good-
Daddy you are also good.

Mine sisters are married,
Because they accepted.
Mine daddy allowed them,
Because they were made.
Mine daddy hasn’t got any,
“mta-ngo” out of them,
Because that should,
Feed the grand mouths.
He says,
If I takes it,
It may be shortened”
Mummy you are good-
Daddy you are also good.

Mine mummy knew I went to school,
I completed my UCE course that year,
And I still wanted UACE.
Mine mummy is poor –
Mine daddy is also poor.
Mine mummy doesn’t know-
Mine daddy knows.
She thinks, I have just completed,
The primary university.
I am sorry for that-
And I love her so much.
She has no granary,
Or garden to plough,
But wanders on wild paths,
Under the scorching sun,
In search of bread and quenchers.
I am happy,
there is no more hunger.

Mine mummy is loving,
Because she has no anger.
Mine mummy pays fees-
Mine daddy pays fees.
Mine mummy is good-
Mine daddy is also good.

Who is like them?
Never. None-no one.
After school,
I will make them shine,
Make them eat and,
Rest because they are tired,
Like EMMA, their son was smart and clean,
I want to be proud like,
“E-kudukudu” and “E-dwaya”
As I move with them,
On the pavement,
With laughter and …………)
I want to identify them-
With confidence and liberty,
And the joy of the heart-
Mind-skin and spirit…
I want them to have,
Uninterrupted sleep all nights.
No more work for them-
But to eat and rest.
That will be their time,
To enjoy what they sew.
Mine mummy is good –
Mine daddy is also good.

They are so tired-
Very tired.
That is enough.
I will drive them-
Shake with them-
Laugh with them
Sing for them and,
Cry for them with crocodile tears,
Because I love them and,
They love me……
Oh!Dear God-
My God,
Let their age be to end.
Let them see me again-
Again and again.
They are precious
Gracious and treasurous to me.
Oh lord,
I love them-as you love us lord.
Mine mummy is good –
mine daddy is also good.


All we are doing is being recorded,
Waiting for that time, we will be stated,
To say everything we did, as we lived,
Whether day or night, all shall be revealed,
And you will not be allowed to say anything,
Because it will all do you nothing,
Since all you did, will bring you to shame.
The shame that will direct you, to the fire room,
Of course you will cry, tears of regret,
Because it will not be all you expect.
Then you will never see light,
For that will be your place of plight,
When all your body will burn,
Because you listened to your friend Satan.

The pen that sells God’s name

Not later than some time, I loved writing,
All because I am inspired, by all that I read.
Beginning from the Bible, when I enjoy God’s writing.
Everything I come across, constructs a road,
Not because, I am very intelligent or rather sharp.
Doing it makes me, express myself better.
Everyone, who reads it, begins some gossip-
Letting the world know, that I write better
Enjoying my work, is not all about laughter, but change,
Only for those, who are ready to do so,
Not because they have to, but because it is right to change.
All those who do so are the seeds I sow,
Rendered to me, by God that he will come to harvest,
During that time, when the world will be in waste.

That woman inspired me
Afayo speaks like a machine grinding Millet,
For all, that she really wants to inspire.
All the words she speaks come with sweat.
You will think, the Holy Spirit chose, only her for that care,
Only because, of all she speaks, carry the word-
That God says, without it, no man will survive.
Responsibility is yours, whether you decide to be saved.
You should know that, only that word will let us live.
People may speak all they want, but she did it for me.
How could I, so thirsty for good words deny?
Even when God, had planned that is her to do so,
Not any of her words, would I really deny.
All who mistake wisdom for foolishness should change,
Not forgetting that everything is, because of change.

Stolen pride

All women are women, even garden maids
Dig them, because of their impatience and lust.
Under their minds, are cells of brief allegations.
Love is the only thing; they think should be put right.
Tilling the land to them is weary, so they need to be spared,
Everything they leave to man, thinking he is an angel.
Responsibilities they carry less, but complain men are bad.
You will see men decide, to look for women of their level.
Money is their major weapon of protection,
Only deny them, and see how they tear you into pieces.
Never tempt them, with money; they will bring you to completion.
Everyday try to trade all games, and bring them happiness.
You fail to do that, your bed will father
Babies who will at end say, you are never their father.

Our Enemy Death

The world is all quiet, and weary of this Man death.
All worried and lamenting, because he decides once.
Others hopeless and wondering, how a man JESUS killed death.
They guard, protect and hide, but still, he comes in like a louse.
We hire soldiers, and weapons to chase him away,
But still like wind winding its walks, come in,
And those others, he kills as they try to run away,
Moving as corpses, because already he killed them in sin.
Even within our homes, where watchmen sit to guard us,
He death comes around, with his whip, to strike them.
Then enters, through the spaces in the ceiling to us.
A man of one taste, whose heart never loves money from,
Those who own fortunes, and capacity, to buy up to life;
Unfortunately, even those, without mercy robes their life.

Game of strangers

I, in ignorance, on the same plate ate
With hyenas, panting and salivating for that cake,
And unknown to me, was their motive to bring hate.
Smartly in their hidings, they crawl like a snake,
To make me prey of them, for the love I had.
My whole world, wherein, my love I enjoy.
So foolish she was, that my love she betrayed,
And kept me on, with messages meant for a toy.
In silence on them, I put my eye,
Just on guard and watch, to inspect their game.
In patience and shame, her words to me were shy.
I really took my time, like an ear listening to a rhyme.
In sweet Melody of my words, I wished her success,
Because my love and passion for her, had come to recess

Walking Back Home

When it’s time that we must be gone,
Everything that we ought to do must end,
And those, whose love we share, must be lone
Even though we try, ceasing not to go,
Nature by all its might makes us bound.
By this, much that we own is left raw,
Because the way for others, must be allowed.
Walking back home, where others do not know,
Sometimes in the mornings that sprout;
We must know that, we are either the next ones,
Or on the verge, preparing to meet our plight,
Even though our presence, is treasured by loved ones,
Others must walk-on, in their afternoons,
And some others, in our suits must go in the evenings.

Back to Mabungu

I will go back home,
I want to carry my misfortune back home,
I want to carry back my foolishness,
Back to Buluganya my home.
And cry my tears –tears of loneliness.
Let my natives see my tears,
Tears that you gave birth in me,
Because I truly love you for good.

I will go back home;
Where my father’s umbilical cord was buried.
I want to cry my tears at home.
I am walking back home,
Where my father’s blood,
And foreskin dropped.

I am going to convene
My womb and sperm,
To a specific meeting,
To discuss matters of their son’s heart.
A heart lacking someone to love.
I want them to tell me,
What went wrong with her.
Is it, she didn’t see me well,
Or that she wants my love to fade up,
In the winds of the sky?
That unfair sky,
Who doesn’t care
For the heart of a mother’s son.

I will go back home,
And sit on the large blocks of stone,
That lie in Nambakwa cave.
The quiet cave of our village,
Where lonely hearts sit,
To refresh their memories,
Where they sit, to cry their tears,
So that nobody will see them,
If a local death, is what you want.

I want you, to know
That one day,
If I go missing in the world,
I go missing, because I miss you,
Missing you is the disease,
That will take me back home,
To die alone, of the poison
That comes from your mouth,
And that is how, imaginary fools die.

What should I call this world
Without you in me?
What will life mean without you?
Why should I be called a man
Without you my rib?
Without you, the happiness in me is,
But beautiful sadness.
If this is the news you ought to hear,
Then I will know who you are…
If not,
I will still know who you are…
All because, I am no man
Without you in me.

The Marginalized

Sometimes to the east,
Other times to the west,
All times tossed, from place to place,
Like waves of wind on pregnant oceans,
In a sleazy form of living-
While he snubs in his snobbish office,
Enjoying my sweat,
That I poured, during his campaigns.

Sometimes to the north,
Other times to the south,
All times, baptized with sorts off names,
That I do not even deserve;
Suspect, and even thief,
Instead of a candid citizen,
Who casted his vote with love.

He now drives BMW and PRADO,
And made me his compound cleaner,
He is now building mansions
And made me his porter,
He now has high-end estates,
And made my educated sons,
His toilet cleaner.
My grandson feeds his dogs,
And my grandfather is his gateman,
After taking my virgin vote at no cost.

My vote has taken his children
To powerful schools,
Where wisdom is poured
Dirrrectly into their minds,
As their father petitions,
The teacher’s salary increment,
So that my children’s studies,
Are once a while,

He now puts on legislative suits,
And powerful shoes from Italy,
To look in class, as he walks
On the red carpet of legal respect,
Meanwhile, poverty
Keeps on pervading my home.

The best place for my children is the street,
Their kitchen is the rubbish pit,
Their clothes are the rugs,
Which when are tired of cleaning toilets,
Are dropped into the urban
Garbage centre,
For my children.

My merciless member of parliament
Is full of love and grace,
The other day he passed a law,
To sweep street children, clean off the street,
To offer space for their prados to cruise,
And that my children,
Should be taken to better places,
LikePrisons-orphanages-remand homes…
To be groomed by the right hand,
Of those who studied,
To torture at universities of nobles.
That is the power of my vote.

He did not only end there,
He did a bit more better things,
In my family.
His mercies are abundant;
He went ahead to pass the OTT tax,
Which has kept sucking my blood to date.
I no longer make sufficient calls,
I no longer transact my businesses.
Yesterday, he amended the same law,
By ruling that, it is me to pay
For him,
Data bundles-social bundles….
To enable him bring services nearer to me.

The great leaders of my country Africa.
Work harder my honorable MP,
For my vote is yours forever.

Game of death

Those naked men came again,
With their quivers, full tocapacity,
And armed to teeth,
And their shoulders laddened,
With the ammunition and rifles of wrath,
All carried to extract lives.
Machines hang on their backs,
Like babies dwindled on their mother’s backs,
In that regime of blood and life.

We were worried,
For our ears were tired of warrior’s songs,
We never wanted to dig more graves,
Our eyes had no more tears to shed,
Our neighbourhoods were tired of funerals-
For killing had become a song,
That no more tongues wanted to sing.
Like lice between the nails,
Life was squeezed out from men,
Sons of the gun,
Whose virginity faded a time,
In that regime of blood and life.

That evening, they fell on the ground,
Like rain hiding behind the clouds,
Armed to teeth with all their cannonades.
They lifted their arms and swords,
Spears flew through people’s lives,
Their legs and hands were chopped,
Others slaughtered, sliced and …
In the names of,
“We are defending the nation,
We are protecting the nation”
In that regime of blood and life.

Emotions in tranquillity

The pit-shades have unfolded,
And the unspeakable has been spoken,
The cover, of the darkest of the heart
Has been opened.
Eyes of sympathy have sprouted,
The boisterous world has gone silent.
My mouth is dry of words,
For the tongue that speaks,
Has gone quiet.
The known love is dangling,
The sweetest of the words are over,
All thoughts are just a shadow,
Represented by sorrow and sparrow,
That hides behind clouds like rain.
I saw the courage, all full in her eyes,
Demanding for a better rendezvous,
To flood the natural waters-
That flow from frowned faces,
Full of bitterness indescribable,
Though identified ….
Another chance for me,
For I wanted someone
To cry with me,
My tears.

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